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‘Your partner isn’t an assistant Holy Spirit or a mind reader

Double Standards In Relationship

Sex and family therapist, Princessa Aggrey, strongly urges couples to prioritize open and honest communication in their relationships. She emphasizes that effective communication is essential for maintaining intimacy and understanding in a relationship. According to Aggrey, expecting a partner to intuitively know one’s thoughts and feelings is unrealistic. She asserts that communication should be approached with care and love to avoid misunderstandings and conflicts.

“I will continue to emphasize this: your spouse is not an assistant Holy Spirit, your spouse is not a mind reader,” Aggrey boldly declared during a discussion on ‘rekindling intimacy after childbirth’ on the ‘Moans and Cuddles’ show. Aggrey emphasized the importance of adopting the right approach when communicating with a partner. She pointed out that starting a conversation with phrases like “we need to talk” can put the other person on the defensive, potentially derailing the communication process.

Instead, she advised couples to communicate with love and consideration to ensure that the message is conveyed effectively without causing unnecessary tension. “I always tell women that when you want to talk to a man, don’t say ‘we need to talk,’ because their brain goes into defensive mode and everything you say is perceived as an attack, whether it is good or not. Even if it is something beneficial to them when you start with ‘we need to talk,’ the man’s brain goes on the defensive,” explained Aggrey, a sex therapist. She emphasized that your partner is not an assistant, Holy Spirit, or mind reader, so it’s important to communicate with them instead of assuming they know what you’re thinking

She suggested that couples should have relaxed and casual discussions about important matters, such as during routine activities like taking a walk, sharing a meal, or engaging in light conversations. She mentioned that this approach can make the communication process smoother and more effective. “Communicate with love. How you communicate something matters a lot, and the approach you use matters a lot,” emphasized Aggrey.

By: Gideon Afful Amoako

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