I wish to become a Dr someday! I wish to be a serious business tycoon someday; these are but few of the dreams people wish to accomplish as the bigger picture for their lives.

But someway somehow one is not able to accomplish, the question here is why? Focus! What is Focus? It can simply be defined as concentration or attention; what is Vision? It can be defined as a basic height or emotion on which one builds and wishes to impact others or the world.

For one to be able to go forward in life, achieving the best in life, has everything to do with having a dream or a vision, and keeping the focus. You may have a dream or vision, but if you don’t stay focused, you won’t reach your destination.

There are so many visions that didn’t come to fruition because the people or person involved may have lost focus along the way. In as much as we also believe visions may be disrupted by unseen forces as the Christians are made to believe, but the focus is a factor, we must know that our focus is our future and what we focus on will multiply.

We are what think about or focus on most often. There is a distraction that one may encounter, causing us to lose focus. But regardless of what happens, the ultimate goal we must not lose focus on. Don’t get distracted by others, either by their successor or by them reaching their goal before you do, in all of these, we must learn to stay focused on the vision.

Should people realise their dream, before you do, your mates succeed before you do, don’t veer off your vision, clap for them, cheer them and be encouraged and be provoked in the right way to pursue yours. People also get distracted by lack of funds, death, negative vibes and attackers.

People depend on others so much that, in the event the person dies, their visions are halted. Bible admonishes us that, cursed is the one who puts his trust in a man.

We must look to God in all situations, trusting Him to help us focus on the vision. Negative vibes and attackers can also distract our focus. We must endeavour to always keep around us people with positive vibes. People who encourage us that the dreams and visions we have are achievable. Attackers we must know are there to keep us in check.

We must always let their negativity ginger us to stay focused to achieving our vision. If anything should move you, it should be your determination to succeed and see your vision birthed, for where there is determination, failure can never dismantle the flag of success.

Focus comes with keeping a commitment and encouraging oneself. Discipline is the main ingredient in the Menu of Focusing to achieve your vision, people who stay focused and succeed are all disciplined. We must disciple the mind, time, resources etc.

You can have the vision, but to succeed means discipline. Discipline yourself in your association with people and all, a little diversion and sleep, and we will lose it. We must also move from just having dreams and visions without taking practical steps to achieve.

Now let’s take, for instance, someone wanting to start a business, having the vision of starting a business is good but one must make the move, by initiating things like what business do I want to start? Asking questions, then finally take the steps to start the business.

If you don’t start the vision or set it in motion, you have done nothing. In all these let obstacles not distract us! We must keep the focus! Pursue the vision with all diligence and once we attach God as the pillar or source of our focus and vision, we shall be able to achieve with the help of God! Let God continually help us focus, be disciplined and achieve our goals in Jesus mighty name, AMEN!

Written by: © Benjamin Freshhope Mensah       


  1. Nice piece
    Indeed we must learn to stay focused
    Thats the only way to achieve our goals

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