What is Communication? It is simply an act of transferring information from one person to another. It involves emotions, symbols, and mutually understood signs. Communication plays an exceptionally important role in any relationship, be it Agape kind of friendship, platonic or any other friendship or relationship whatsoever.

The life of every relationship or the backbone of every relationship is communication. When there are troubles in relationships, it interrupt communication. A couple that refuses to talk are headed for drowning in any relationship. Once you don’t talk to your partner on issues that bothers you, it means the relationship is failing.

Communication is important, perhaps more important than love. You can love someone, but if you don’t know how to communicate to and with the person, you have failed. In communication, the message one is trying to put across must not just be heard by the other party but most importantly, understood by the other party.

There is difference between hearing, listening and understanding. In understanding, it simply means both are on the same page on whatever situation. Communication can come in other forms, even our body languages are a form of communication, and our tones for communication also play a major role. An example of a body language is, a woman that is angry or mad at her partner, then the partner apologises but because she is still mad, in serving his meal, she comes in with a squeezed face, just drops the food and sturdily says, “That’s your food”.

The way and manner in which the person does it may even communicate as an act of disrespect or pride to the man. The tone you express can also play a role, how you say it, the voice in which you say it with speaks volumes. Using the right choice of words in our communication with our partner’s matter a lot.  But as the Bible said; soft answer turns away anger but a hard word stirs up anger [Proverbs 15:1].

Couples must therefore learn the act of communication with each other to ensure peace and tranquillity. Communication allows one to explain what you are experiencing and what your needs are. Assumptions in one’s relationship make it breaks. Reading and interpreting of actions of one’s partner can cause harm.

You may see your partner do, say or act in a way, for clarity and tranquillity sakes, one must endeavour to communicate to get the relational behind their actions and speech, that way one will be able to settle differences and move on. Communication in relationships helps to clear the air in relationships.

Helps each other know and define their visions and helps each other’s partner buy into it. One’s dreams & visions are communicated and both parties buy into it, if there is a need for help or assistance any can offer, it would be made easy.

Communication is a very powerful tool in relationships, Communication helps even in our friendships and daily lives. For one to be able to stay peaceably with another…communication must take place. In the absence of communication, gaps are widened amongst parties involved in a relationship.

The more partners communicate, the more closer they get to each other. Talking about everything and anything in relationships help releases tensions in relationships. We must note that relationships or marriages also thrive on friendship between the couple. Couples must endeavour to communicate more often! It makes them free around each other! Thereby…making it difficult for others to penetrate.

Let’s take for instance a man that tells his wife everything  and vice versa,  a gossip goes to tell the wife I saw your husband with this woman,  and she says to the gossip ” I know”; He told me…it puts some pressure and disgrace on gossips.  This way… the couples are always ahead of their game and u can hardly separate them with gossip. They have communicated and there is trust…communication indeed makes couples happy and paves way for peace to prevail between couples.

In conclusion; let us all learn to stay in communication with our partners.  Let us be on top of our game by talking to our partners. Let’s be open and communicate well with good signs and body languages. We can work out our communication challenges…and we are sure to have a peaceful relationship, a lasting one for that matter. May the lord help us communicate well with our partners to ensure peace and understanding amongst couples.

The lord bless us all

Author: Benjamin Freshhope Mensah


  1. These points are very true! Indeed communication is everything. We must invest into our communication skills with and to our partners. God bless this blog.

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