There is a song and a saying in Akan “krom bɛ yɛ wo dɛ aa, ɛne wo botomu”. Meaning that, if you will find happiness in town, it depends on how much or what you got in your pocket! This is to an extent true, many people today, have confused love for money. 

Today you speak of love and the focus is on the money. Love is a deeper fellowship between two people, it is a bond that goes beyond affection, lust and friendship. It is a mutual expression of trust, honesty, respect and intimacy. 

It’s a whole package called a partnership. It is an experience. Money is simply a medium of exchange. Money is usually used as currency for business, there are a lot of relationships that are suffering today because the people in the relationship have either reduced everything to money or traded love for money. 

Money isn’t everything that there is, there is love. Money is a fraction of it, let it be understood that money cannot buy love. What is the essence of having all the money in the world, yet you don’t feel loved? What is the value of money in a relationship or marriage if love is missing? Happiness is also missing? 

The best thing that could happen to you as a person is to find someone who genuinely loves you, adores you, has your interest at heart, respects and treats you right. Sees the good in you always and never judges you harshly but corrects you in love, this is love. 

Young men and women of today have lost it when it comes to what love is, they either mistaken love for money or deliberately see money as love. You meet a young woman and you ask her, what is love? What is your ideal man? 

Then you hear the lady say; my man must be tall, rich, and handsome, he should have a house and car or fleet of cars. So for this kind of a lady, when a man has all these, it is called love. Once she meets this kind of man, the comment is “I am in love” all because the man has all these features. 

You equally find a man, all that love means to him is a lady who has money and can spend on him! Let us not get it twisted, it’s ok to desire a partner that has and can support you. But that is not the ultimate. There are a lot women out there, whose freedom have been curtailed because they fell in love with money, not the person. In this case, the man sometimes feels they have bought you so they pretty much restrict you can or cannot do. 

A true story was said of a lady whose husband is a billionaire, not a millionaire, but she isn’t happy, her friend is also in a relationship where the husband is just okay; they don’t have much money, but the husband is caring, loving, gives her all the respect she desires. 

That’s no to say, they don’t have issues, but they manage. Rich dude doesn’t stay at home, he always sleeps out, doesn’t even communicate effectively with her, neither does he make time for her, all he does is enjoy her food and sex and that’s all. 

Love goes beyond money, she always wishes her husband would love and respect her, all that he does is just lavish on her and organize parties. Love isn’t money and money isn’t love, let us thrive to find persons who value us and have our best interest at heart. 

Let us sought for spouses that understand what it means to have someone’s wellbeing and happiness at heart, that is love. Love is when there is friendship. Where you feel each other’s pain and grow together. It’s a lot of work, it’s not done overnight, it takes time and energy to grow and it grows gradually. 

Let us handle love well when we find one, it is a powerful tool, when not used well or handled well, it can even kill you. When you find a man that loves, value and respect you and can support your effort, stay with him and vice versa. 

Look at the man some years from now and see if he’s got a vision and mission in life, go for him and support him. Men, love goes beyond money, don’t look for a working woman who has a car, it goes beyond big ass and breast and what have you. 

A woman that supports your dream, understands you, respects you, submits to your leadership is one to be loved. Don’t trade gold for bauxite. The Lord help us find love and choose peace and love over money! 

Written by: © Benjamin Freshhope Mensah


By fadmin

Benjamin Mensah [Freshhope] is a young man, very passionate about the youth of this Generation. Very friendly, reliable and very passionate about the things of God and all that I do. The mission is to inform, educate and entertain. Feel free to send your whatsapp messages to +233266550849 and call on +233242645676

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  1. This is true. Though money is neccessary..lets not make it the ultimate. Its better to have just enough money for sustenance than to have all the money in the world n be unhappy. You will die early!

  2. Good day Sir/ madam
    Hope all is well ? I don’t have much to say , all I want to say is thank you u’v really made me understood the difference between love and money. Thank you

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