Grant priority visa appointments to prospective students – Ablakwa appeals to US Embassy

The Member of Parliament for the North Tongu Constituency, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa has written to the US Ambassador to Ghana, Stephanie Sullivan to appeal for a special dispensation that will allow Ghanaian students who have gained admission to American universities to get visas to travel for their education.

The legislator said the appeal is premised on several petitions he has received from students who have complained that the earliest available visa appointment dates offered by the embassy is long and will make them miss deadlines for reporting to school.

He said the situation has “led to considerable anxiety and despair amongst many young Ghanaian students, which ostensibly undermines the long-cherished enviable reputation of the United States as a preferred academic destination for many Ghanaians.”

Mr. Ablakwa indicated that although understandably COVID-19 has affected operations of various embassies, different embassies, including the US Embassy in Nigeria have introduced changes to their consular services to give priority to students who are seeking visas to travel for education.

“This development gives some solace that the US Embassy in Ghana is also capable of pursuing a similar path,” he said.

“I humbly request that some extra effort is made to address the legitimate concerns of Ghanaian students by offering them priority interview dates ahead of their academic deadlines, as individuals institutional exigencies demand. This is crucial, particularly considering that many institutions are refusing to offer student extensions and declining requests to renew scholarships at later periods,” he added.

Read the full letter below:


Source: Citinewsroom

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