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Dating Ex

Is It Ever OK to Date Your Friend’s Ex?

Dating a friend’s ex-partner is a sensitive topic that requires careful consideration, particularly when it comes to preserving friendships and avoiding hurt feelings. This situation poses numerous questions regarding loyalty, trust, and ethical considerations. Is it ever acceptable to pursue a romantic relationship with someone your friend used to date? How do you navigate such…

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What Do Men Want In A Relationship

Good communication in marriages and relationships the Biblical way.

Good communication is the key to any marriage. Good communication ensures that both you and your spouse feel respected, validated and understood. Communication is the key to avoiding and straightening out any misunderstandings, and to working through problems for a happier future together. For those in Christian marriages, faith can be an extra source of support…

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Online Dating

Tips for dating in the digital age

Romantic relationships can begin anywhere. There are many online dating apps like Tinder, OkCupid, and Bumble, where some singles connect to achieve a common goal; finding love. Interestingly, these apps allow users to browse through different matches and most of these websites help to connect people with similar interests, which makes it more fun. Imagine…

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