It is often said that the home is sustained, or the family is sustained by the woman. It is said that women are the “daughters of Jezebel”. Let it be known that, women are very amazing and incredible beings. Marriage is a long journey and so one must be careful who you take along on that journey.

It is also said that marriage is a prison and people must choose their cell mates wisely. All women are marriageable but not all make good wives! There are certain kinds of women that you should stay away from when ready for marriage. A woman who likes to quarrel or likes fighting.

They pick fights at the least provocation, such women like to fight anywhere and anyhow without caring about who or what is at stake. When you find a woman who likes to quarrel with you on issues, man, run away from her. She will quarrel with you in the marriage, even disgrace you in the house you live in especially with those who live on a compound house.

Another category of women one should run away from are gossips. Certain women like to gossip a lot. They say both what they know and even what they don’t know, sometimes just to get favour, they gossip just to discredit others. These women are home wreckers. A woman who doesn’t respect one must off her. A man must look for a woman who is submissive to marry, if you go marry a woman that is intelligent but not submissive, you are doomed.

A woman who makes you feel there is no sense in whatever you do or say if she feels more of a person that you, leave her. You must be a true leader, so if she is can’t trust or follow your lead, separate. Do not marry a woman who tells you she is only managing you, how do you marry your manager, a woman who is bold tell you she only wants to marry you and manage or who shows that she’s doing you a favour by marrying you is a dangerous woman.

An improperly dressed woman; a half-naked woman is a dangerous woman. Decency and self-respect is key in marriage, if she cannot dress and cover [Akata sia] you must watch out. A woman that seduces you into a relationship with her nakedness is not worth marrying.

Never marry a rebellious woman, rude, and cantered. A woman who rebels at you at every given chance is dangerous. These are the ones “that can stand with you publicly, not minding who is there, and then display. There are women who also not homemakers. They don’t know how to cook or manage the affairs of a home.

If a woman doesn’t know how to cook, and all that she is interested in is “dates”, always travelling and going shopping, always asking you to spend money on buying but not planning a future with you, she is dangerous, she should be able to encourage you to save for your future together and if she isn’t doing that, then let her go.

Wise woman look into the future and not the “now”. A dangerous woman loves to always keep friends, and there are women whom all they do is friends. They discuss every matter about their lives with friends, even when a guy proposes to them, they must seek consent from their friends.

They don’t know when to draw the line between their man or future husband and friends. They don’t mind choosing their friends over their men, you need to help sort a thing or two out and you call, and they are always with their friends. A woman who fights you, keep records and evidence of your wrongdoings and show it to her friends isn’t a marriage material.

Some women even fight you and intentionally make noise, shouting on top of their voices for their friends and neighbours to hear and affirm that what they said about you the other time was true. A woman who bears or keeps grudges is a dangerous woman, the Bible said; love is patient, it keep no records of evil. Once someone claims to be in love and keeps a record of how many times you have offended her, that’s trouble, flee!

A woman who doesn’t fear the Lord; that’s even more deadly! If she fears the Lord and understands the essence of being spiritual, that’s good news. When she doesn’t know Christ or Allah, how does she support you in times of trials? There are many more dangerous signs, but in all these, men must seek God in the quest for a wife, they must pray for the leading of the spirit [Proverbs 3:5,6]; they must trust the Lord to lead them to the right woman.

Whiles doing the spiritual by praying, men must also look at some of the physical appearances of the woman they will love to spend their life with. It is better to wait long on the Lord than to marry wrong. A good and prudent wife is from the Lord, may the Lord open the eyes of all to find a good partner.

    Written by © Benjamin Freshhope Mensah


  1. That’s a very good passage. What should women also look out for in men.

  2. Wow thanks for such a great enlightenment, I’m blessed by this

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