Many people ask how it is possible to forget someone. So my answer in this regard is that God has placed a special virtue of forgetfulness in man. Many people do not consciously use this virtue within themselves. Anyone can be forgotten and taken out of the heart by following the methods of forgetting someone and it is up to the man. This beneficial narrative blogs would give you some very useful tips on how to forget someone you love:

Stop being curious about their present whereabouts and activities
Stop collecting information about the person whom you want to forget, like whom he meets, what he is living in now. In the journey of forgetting someone, you should have nothing to do with his news. Stop collecting news about him.

Do Not Keep Photos And Messages

Don’t keep his things with you. Donate gifts or related items. If you can’t donate you may throw them in water that is, wasting them completely. Many people keep old photos and messages of their beloved. They are sad and upset when they see them, so delete all their pictures and messages.

Remember that pictures and messages change their meaning over time. The pictures that used to be scratched at one time are painful to look at today. At one time the messages that were read to make you feel loved, today you feel deceived by reading them.

Don’t Confine Yourself To A Room

Closed rooms, loneliness and distance from people do not help to forget anyone. So don’t confine yourself to a room

Stay Away From Sorrow

Don’t listen to sad songs dont watch sad movies during the time of forgetting someone or anything that relate to the person.

Don’t read sad books, don’t listen to sad people because they make you sadder though doing so, it seems that they are easing my pain. You can continue this behavior until you forget your love completely. After that, you may start your normal life.

Stop Revisiting The Past

Many people go to the morgue of the past again and again after someone leaves and see that I used to be very happy with him, everything was fine with him; don’t ever do that. The time spent with him was good, it was beautiful or as charming, but now it has become the past. No matter how many times you go to the past, it will not have anything new to give you.

Go On Vacation

A good trip to the hilly area or any such pleasant place is always like a treat to your body and mind. To forget your beloved and to start a healthy, fresh and new life you can enjoy a trip to some beautiful place. By staying away for some time, from the places where you used to meet your loved ones, you will get a new form of energy and can easily forget all your worries of the past. Staying healthy can keep us away from all our regrets and worries and help us to forget our love easily.

Maintain A Healthy Diet

During our period of distress, a healthy diet can also help us to forget about our painful past. Just like a vacation to hilly areas, a healthy diet is also necessary for keeping our body healthy. It is mostly our bad eating habit that doesn’t let us fight against stress.

Exercise and deep thinking like meditation also play an important role in forgetting our depressed moments of the past. While meditation, you can have a silent environment where you can think and plan for your future. Every long deep breath can bring new ray of hope and can help you to forget about the miseries of your past.

Don’t Overthink

Thinking is not a bad habit but overthinking is. Overthinking may lead us to negative thoughts. If we keep on pondering about our past love for a long time, then there may come a period where we will find no way of escapism and can ruin our rest of our life.

Try To Stay As Happy As You Can

Try attending all your family functions, gossiping with your friends. Try all ways that can keep you happy. You can be happy when doing your favorite hobby like playing the guitar, dancing, cooking etc.

By Pastor Michael Opoku Amoako PAPAMIKE.


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