Six Reasons To End A Relationship


There can be many reasons to end a relationship which can range from personal to situational. Not every relationship heads toward the ‘till death do us part’ aphorism. No matter what your reasons behind breaking up, it is important to pick the right time to do it.

Breakups are harsh but in the long run, most of them are the right thing to do. Here are a few reasons to cut off from a relationship that might not be good for you:

1. Halting your success and growth

Brie was enjoying her budding romance with a guy she had met at the gym when she landed a much-awaited promotion at work. The requirements of her new role required greater commitment and zapping energy. Ten-hour workdays and constantly having to leave town for meetings.

Her busy schedule became a constant bone of contention in the relationship, and Brie thought it was best to end things with her boyfriend since it was all still new and neither was too emotionally invested yet. In a situation like this, you too might find it difficult to invest your energy in a relationship.

While it’s true that we all like to have someone to come home to, in these circumstances, greater things need your attention. It might be unfair to keep a partner hanging or simply benching them when your mind is occupied elsewhere.

2. Lack of emotional satisfaction

You might be drifting apart, are too different in your worldview or might simply be too busy to create a spark. If a relationship is not emotionally comforting, it is time to rethink whether it is worth it. If the warm hugs, kisses and smiles are not evoking the same happiness and love, your relationship might just not be at the place it used to be.

It is natural for affection, or at least displays of affection, to decline in a relationship sometimes. However, if you are looking for excuses to end a relationship, it’s best to tell them that you do not feel that emotionally involved in the relationship.

Chances are they have been feeling the same, and would agree with you. By being honest and upfront, you can end a relationship in a good way and still salvage the possibility of a cordial equation with your ex.

3. Being treated as a second option

If your partner is not as invested as you, it is one of the necessary reasons to end a relationship. If they keep dodging your calls and forgetting important dates, chances are that they are not prioritizing you.

Mel found it frustrating that her girlfriend, Rory, spent her evenings at the gym, her weekends with her friends and preferred hanging out with a travel group on holidays. “Where do I fit in?” Mel wondered as Rory became too engrossed in her life, leaving practically no room for a relationship.

It is pointless to hang on to the hope that they will change their ways and come back to you. The best recourse in such a situation is to not drag oneself when the other partner clearly has different priorities.

4. Abuse and manipulation

Ending a relationship becomes imperative in a situation like this. If your partner exhibits toxic traits and likes to demean you, just run along now. If they show signs of gaslighting and manipulate you often, then the relationship will only be harmful to your mental health. You deserve to be treated with love and respect.

If they try to make you feel insecure, play mind games with you, it is a huge cause for concern. Even too much jealousy can slowly become unhealthy. You must put yourself first. Your emotions are not their puppets to string around.

If you are feeling smothered and throttled in the relationship, let them know and walk out. In such situations, it may not be feasible to leave a relationship on good terms. Try your best, if you value your partner despite all that they’ve done to you, but if things turn ugly despite your best efforts, don’t beat yourself up about it.

5. Trust issues

This is a major reason for ending a relationship. If your partner has a history of repeatedly lying, making things up or going against your will – it might be time to re-assess how good they are for you. Or if they show dubious behaviours and seem to be hiding something from you, it might not be a good idea to trust them any further.

Sometimes you might be entangled in a relationship with a married man and you are really not sure if he is trustworthy. That’s when you could think of ending the relationship with a married man because you find it hard to build trust.

6. They refuse to compromise

If your partner thinks they’re the boss of the relationship, it’s time to show them that is not how things work. A domineering personality who expects you to bend at their will lacks the understanding that is needed in love cannot build a healthy relationship.

If they fail to acknowledge your needs and make sacrifices for you, it is time to turn away from them. Compromise is important. From deciding where to get dinner to which place you’re going to on your summer vacation, your partner needs to be accommodating of you and your choices.

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