We all want our partners to be understanding, caring, and loving. They are a few of the many qualities that are required for a healthy and satisfying relationship. However, what if all these qualities come along with the flaw of your partner being a stalker? Even more importantly, what if you aren’t even aware that they are stalkers? The signs of dating a stalker are not absolutely easy to spot. But once you do, you should cut yourself loose from that relationship immediately. To help you with this, here are 7 signs you are dating a stalker.

They catch you unaware at home or in the office

If your partner surprises you with an unplanned visit to your office or home soon after your first few meetings or exchanges – it is not a good sign. If you know for a fact that you didn’t give them your address, it’s a bit creepy for them to find it on their own.

They always remain curious about where you were or are

Stalkers are never convinced by words. When you tell them where you went, they always want some or other evidence. They might even ask you for the pictures taken there! This behaviour is sure to get on your nerves. It also might be an indication that he is stalking you.

​They seem to be in a hurry to meet your family

Even though they know that there is a time for everything, they still want to go a step further and meet your parents. A partner who is stalking you has the tendency to have all the details about you and your family, which can really bother you.

​They create a scene if you don’t respond to their messages or calls directly

A stalker partner doesn’t understand that you were busy or out of network. They just want you to respond to them, no matter whatever your reasons are for not doing so. And by the time you respond, your phone will be full of angry messages and missed calls.

​They are extremely jealous

Being possessive about one’s partner is common and experienced by either partner in the initial stages of a relationship. However, a stalker partner can get jealous due to the littlest reasons and that too all the time.

They find data on you before you provide it to him

The shock you with your last vacation details or even your salary figures! A potential stalker would go all out to find out the tiniest details about your life too soon for your comfort.

They spy on you

Love turns into an obsessive addiction in the case of potential stalkers. They cannot get you out of their mind and always feel a compulsive need to know everything about you. There are also chances that you might be suddenly bumping into each other a bit too often.

Benjamin Mensah

By Benjamin Mensah

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