Overcoming Low Self Esteem

“As for me, I don’t fit into their class oo, their beauty and worth. They are better than I am”. These are some of the words mostly used by people who have low self–esteem issues. What does it mean for a person to have low self–esteem? Low self–esteem simply means one lacking self-confidence. This is when people feel unloved and inadequate. 

People with low self-esteem usually doubt themselves, they don’t believe in what they are made up of. When this happens, people usually take advantage of them and try to ride over them or captain their lives. There are signs that identify a person with low self-esteem;

They become sensitive to criticism: they are extra sensitive to criticisms either from others or themselves. They always see themselves as incapable of doing anything good or right for themselves and others. They always see and say the negatives only about themselves. They are too critical about themselves.

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They are usually withdrawn: they don’t want to socialize, they don’t like to show up at occasions should you invite them. They either cancel or always reschedule plans. They usually don’t mingle with others.

Some become hostile towards themselves and also to others: they become aggressive towards others in a quest to defend themselves. They usually feel exposed and always feel people are criticizing them. They end up attacking people in self-defence. 

 Consistently, they worry about their problems, which usually takes up a lot of their time. They struggle to help others because they are occupied with their own.

It affects them physically such that: they tend to have mental and physical health issues such as depression, anxiety and even anorexia. It sometimes even takes them into unhealthy habits like smoking, alcohol abuse and even drug abuse. They also tend to be shy: lack confidence everywhere and even get afraid to speak. But there are ways in dealing with this issue, such ones need the right support.

They need support from friends, family, loved ones, so they get encouraged. They need people to help them change their mindset about the way they see and look at things and life. They need to also have a behaviour change, more especially, one must identify what condition and situation that troubles them.

That is to say, take a moment to think about certain things in your life that always seem to deflate your self–esteem. Evaluate your thought about all those situations.

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Again, challenge or dare yourself to change the negative and inaccurate thoughts. Adjust your mind-set, stay positive and keep hopeful statements. Be around positive-minded people who make you feel good about yourself. Improve on your physical health, take up more challenges, those that force you to be a better version of yourself.

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Learn to become more assertive and learn to say No when the need be. Give yourself a break, if you have to. Let us learn to support people with low self–esteem to become positive individuals. Let us not look down on them, let’s give them the needed support, and let’s help them to bring out the best in them. For there is great potential in everyone, but it takes the help of others to make others better.

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Some are like that through no fault of theirs, as it may even have been caused by parent’s (releasing bad words) from when they were young, or some form of maltreatment they went through when growing up. Some were abused by people, hence their look at life. Let us always encourage family and friends around us, who have this low self–esteem challenges. Who knows? Our support is what may bring them out of their challenges.


May the Lord be our help in Jesus name, Amen!!


Written by © Benjamin Freshhope Mensah


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