No permit issued for mining in or near Mole National Park – Minerals Commission


The Minerals Commission has dismissed claims that a permit has been issued for mining in or near the Mole National Park. The Commission said the claims are untrue and should be disregarded. A statement issued by the Chief Executive Officer of the Commission, Mr Martin Ayisi said “ It has come to the attention of the Minerals Commission that certain Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) have alleged that Mining Permits have been issued for mining in or near the Mole National Park in the Savannah Region. “This allegation and/or assertion is not the case.  No such Mining Permit has been issued for this purpose.

EFO'S COUTORE [0548951247]
EFO’S COUTORE [0548951247]
“The Commission as the repository of records of all Mineral Rights in Ghana entreats the General Public particularly CSOs, who are partners and have been working closely with the Commission over the years, to seek clarifications from it before going public. “

Three Civil Society Organisations, (CSOs) – Centre for Environmental Impact Analysis, Centre for Public Interest Law and the Wassa Association of Communities Affected by Mining – had alleged that the government had granted rights to mining companies to explore gold near the Mole National Park.


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