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Highlife singer, Kwabena Kwabena has challenged the perception that some fathers do not build sound relationships with their children because they shirk their responsibilities. In an interview on Hitz FM, the acclaimed artiste said some mothers, in their desire to be the favoured parent, inadvertently create barriers between fathers and their children, disregarding the potential consequences.

Kwabena Kwabena, who is a father, expressed deep love and affection for his children, highlighting that it is unlikely for any parent to harbour hatred towards their offspring. He asserts that when a man appears to have a strained relationship or is absent from his children’s lives, it is often influenced by the actions of the mothers, accounting for approximately 90 per cent of such situations.

The singer went on to explain how mothers sometimes compete with fathers for their children’s affection, raising questions about why both parents cannot equally share the role of being cherished.

“I am a father, and how I feel within me about the children I have, and how I love them, I don’t think anyone hates their own children. If you find any man in any situation where he looks as if he doesn’t have a relationship with his children, or he is not around, mostly 90 per cent it is caused by the mothers,” he said.

Drawing from personal experience, Kwabena Kwabena revealed that he, like many others, initially held negative sentiments towards his father until he matured and established a meaningful connection with him. He also emphasized that women often fail to recognize the long-term impact of such dynamics.

Reflecting on his upbringing, the musician candidly admitted that his mother, at some point, realized her mistake in prioritizing her desires above fostering a healthy relationship between him and his father.

“At a point, they compete with the men to become the favourites. You are both parents, so why would you want to be their favourite? We all grew up not liking our fathers, it was until I grew up that I developed a relationship with my father. And women don’t see the impact of these things… My mum was guilty until she realized that she was wrong by wanting to get everything for herself.”


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