Issues bordering on maintenance of discipline in our schools

The trend of issues bordering on maintenance of discipline in our schools are becoming very disturbing and thorny. There is a saying that, “It’s the one that regularly goes with a pot to fetch water that is likely to break the pot.” In such situations, we don’t have to cut off his head because he could not balance the pot well on his head leading to its breaking.


Should we continue to treat our main human resource managers/”developers” this way, I can assure all of us that the future for our children at school is hanging in the balance. This is because human resource trainers may be forced to “rear” the students instead of training them for the fear of being victimized, demoted, or be given dismissal.


The question is, “How many times did the Headmaster in question cane or maltreat a student like this?” What previous cautions were issued? Does the damage done merit such punishment of demotion?


We are setting bad examples in this country. Some JHS students killed a Headteacher, the issue was not given much publicity, not a quarter of publicity of this caning issue. Not long ago a teacher was killed in Accra by a pupil, but how far was that issue? Quite recently a student cut open the arm of a teacher in the Volta Region. It never trended on social media like this. No one really knows what has become of that issue. But this one, the verdict/punishment is trending like wildfire.


Now everyone is afraid to discipline any student, for fear of being victimized, interdicted, demoted or dismissed. There was a time one student beat and hurt another. His parents were called and the hospital bill was given to her to pay. The student was given some portion to weed, up-to-date he has not done it and the money was also not paid. He is writing WASSCE and may go home since every action against him and his parents failed. You may say whatever, but the truth still remains that students are becoming untouchable. Don’t cane them, don’t sack them from class, don’t dismiss them, don’t give them manual work, etc. Students have the right but teachers have the “left”. Today it’s your colleague; it’s not you! Let’s at least empathize with him.


Just a week or two ago, we heard the news that a student was stabbed to death by a group of students in this Ashanti Region, but no trending picture or video was seen much about this. If it were a teacher that had stabbed a student, even if no death has resulted, how the issue will be carried, your guess is as good as mine.


I’m not in any way saying teachers should harm students and go Scott free. But I’m highly against the imbalance in the treatment of teachers and students. One kills the other, it’s no news but one hurt the other a little and the whole world comes to condemn it, with all sorts of unequal punishments. Now indiscipline in our schools are on the ascendency. Students are empowered to demean their teachers. Recently a student told his teacher that he, the student will beat the teacher and no one could do him anything.


Today, it’s teachers who are victims, tomorrow, it may be the turn of you, parent, GES guru or any of the law enforcement agents. It shall not always be teachers but after the students have finished beating teachers, they will carry it home and the larger society.


I humbly call on CHASS and Associations of Assistant Heads to take a keen interest and critical look at this trend of affair in order to put issues of such kind at the right perspective.


God save teachers!!

God save Ghana!!


Source: Williams Kpedo

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