Choose your partner, never let them choose you


The managing director of Tex Styles Ghana Ltd, Fatoumata Doro, has advised people to be more self-aware when choosing their partner because their choices have an impact on their career journey. Doro was speaking in a one-on-one interview with Nana Yaa Mensah for Asaase 99.5’s Sunday Night on 27 November.

The marketing whizzkid and number cruncher from Niger said that, for a woman to achieve her career plans, she needs to choose a partner who will be able to support her and that couples must cheer each other on and believe in each other’s dreams. She argued that people with plans for their careers should choose the kind of person who will support their cause, tolerate their quirks and help them realise their dreams.

The best kind of support

“Choose your partner: don’t let them choose you, especially if you have a career plan,” Doro said. “You need someone who understands how big your ambition is and can carry you along.” Focusing on the support she gets from her husband, Fatoumata Doro said that she always advises other women to select partners who will be naturally interested in what they do and who will be there to encourage a woman to achieve more.

“[My husband] is a fantastic support and [he] is my cheerleader,” she told Asaase.

“He would clap more than I would clap for myself. He follows me everywhere, not because he’s not a man, but because he believes in what I am doing and wants me to achieve that,” she said of her supportive husband.

Doro also highlighted the valuable contribution her husband has made to her success, accepting that she could not have sustained a family life alone with three kids. She further said that partners should work as members of a team and build each other’s dreams.

Doro advised that people should never wait for things to happen, but should decide what they want and go for it. “I chose my husband. I proposed to him, in fact,” she said. “I asked him to marry me. I am the kind of person who, when I want something, I get it. I don’t wait for it.”

By:  Asaase Yaa



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