Twelve Signs You Are Dating Someone With A God Complex


How often have you come across people who believe they are literally the epitome of perfection? Somebody who is convinced that they are flawless and everybody is beneath them. Well, if reading this brings your partner to your mind, then we hate to break it to you, but you are dating someone with a god complex. Are you wondering what is a god complex? Well, in simple terms, a god complex is a delusional image of oneself that a person creates in their head. This delusional image is driven by a hunger for power, a need to control everything, the desire to manipulate everyone, and a strong sense of narcissism.

Just like the name suggests, a god complex is an impression that a particular individual is like a god. They believe themselves to be as superior as a god, which makes them feel entitled to make people around them feel worthless and meek. This makes dealing with someone who has a god complex next to impossible.

Are you dating someone with a majorly inflated opinion of themselves? Have you ever met or dated someone with a god complex? It’s possible you have, but you haven’t been able to identify them yet. Never fear, we’ve got your back.

We’ve rounded up some signs to look out for if you’re wondering how to spot these people. Keep reading to know the 12 signs of dating someone with a god complex and find out!

  1. They always interrupt your conversation

People with a god complex just cannot sit quietly and listen to someone else take center stage. They have to interrupt and put their two cents in, even if they know little about the topic at hand. Two-way conversation is the root of good communication strategy, and this is a lesson someone with a god complex just doesn’t get.

Not only that, but they also make sure that the conversation eventually drifts to them. People with a god complex have to interrupt someone and be the cynosure of all eyes. They make it really evident that they have no interest in your thoughts.

  1. They are full of themselves

“He immediately called me to his rescue”
“He couldn’t have done it without my help”
“He was lucky that I was there”

Have you been listening to these lines from your significant other over and over again? Well, it’s no shocker that you are dating someone with a god complex. Considering oneself as the ultimate perfectionist who is the most important person on this planet and knows everything about everything is some of the biggest signs he has a god complex. Take our advice and run in the other direction!

  1. They only care about how they come off to others

Have you ever met someone with a god complex? Because if you have, you will not believe your eyes. Initially, you will feel they are perfect in every way. They will be well-spoken, presentable, ambitious, and extremely sweet.

However, once you spend more time with them, you will realize that they are not as picture-perfect as they appear. The reason they put up this façade of being the best is only that they care about how others perceive them. Their image is far more important to them than a real personality and can make you feel you’re in a fake relationship.

A person with a god complex is extremely mindful about how they come off to others, and they will go to any lengths to make sure that their impression in your mind is nothing short of the ideal. Even if it means putting you down in the process.

  1. They are convinced that they are irreplaceable

Believe it or not, victims of a god complex truly believe that they cannot be replaced. Everything else about them can be fake, but the one reality that they believe in with all their energy is that there is nobody like them, and they are irreplaceable.

Having this impression in mind, with their actions and reactions, they will convince you that you need them in your life, that your life will be incomplete without them.

Since people with a god complex are master manipulators, you will become vulnerable and will end up believing this to be true and will go to any extent to feed their egos.

  1. They constantly seek appreciation

If you doubt that someone you know has a god complex, try going a day without complimenting them. Well, we would like to give you a heads up that it might end badly for you! Sure, there are ways to show affection to your partner, but those with a god complex crave constant validation and compliments like oxygen.

These people constantly seek appreciation. It is literally a drug for them. Should you fail to provide them with the appreciation they demand, you will be deemed unfit, unworthy and ungrateful. They will make sure that you realize what a grave mistake you made by not appreciating them. The reason people with a god complex do this is to shatter your self-esteem while building themselves up. As a result, you will depend on them more and they will be able to manipulate you more easily.

  1. They believe they are most entitled

We have often heard stories of kings who are egoistic and think they have a right to do anything and say anything, right? Well, people with a god complex are exactly the same.

They believe that they are entitled and that you should be at their beck and call, whenever they demand it. Far from appreciating, such individuals will not even acknowledge your efforts for them. Instead, they will take you for granted. If you relate to this, chances are that you are dating someone with a god complex and it’s time to set boundaries in a relationship or get out of it.

  1. They judge everyone

One of the biggest pastimes of people with a god complex is to pass unnecessary comments on anybody that crosses their mind. According to them, nobody is perfect apart from them.

Unfortunately, this includes you as well. They will look down on you as if you are nothing of note, and they are doing you a service by being with you and dating you at all.

God forbid you to end up doing something that you shouldn’t have. These individuals will go to endless lengths to rub it in your nose and make you regret doing it, and that is one of the worst signs of someone having a god complex.

  1. They cannot stand even constructive criticism

You obviously cannot make the mistake of criticizing someone with a god complex. Phrases such as “You should not have done that” or “You are wrong” or “You made a mistake” simply do not exist in the dictionary of these people.

Ladies, if your boyfriend cannot stand criticism, you might think that you can get them to listen by giving them a heads up such as “Hey, don’t feel bad, I just wanted to share something constructive with you”. However, that is very likely to end badly.

People with a god complex cannot admit that they are wrong. They would rather turn around and blame you.

  1. They are obsessed with being powerful

Trying to gain power over their friends and their girlfriend/boyfriend is merely the beginning of the power-hungry nature of people with a god complex. It goes beyond that.

Such people wish to have power over every aspect of their life. Every tiny detail should happen according to them and their whims. People often mistake this hunger as ambition, but they are wrong. Those with a god complex are simply hungry for power, and they won’t hesitate to misuse it.

  1. They believe you “owe” them

People with a god complex pretend to be extremely benevolent, sympathetic and caring. This is laughable. Truth be told, they create this appearance so that they can get something in return. You, being the partner of such a person, become their first victim.

The belief that you owe them is one of the biggest signs someone has a god complex. Every time they need a favor, they will somehow connect it to how you owe them and how they deserve whatever they’re asking for.

  1. They exploit their relationship for their benefit

A lot of women who are dating someone with a god complex are left tired and helpless after their partners have ripped them off mentally, emotionally and financially. This is because people with a god complex exploit every relationship they get into.

Live most manipulative partners, those with a god complex use that ultimate weapon – acting helpless. Sometimes, they will make it appear that they are generally ambitious, but you are the only one they can be vulnerable with and thus they need your help. They will create sympathy for themselves and use this sympathy to exploit their relationship with you. Honestly, this is one of the biggest signs he has a god complex.

  1. They envy others but feel envied by them

The reason certain individuals have a god complex is that they desire the authority and power that they don’t have. This makes them very envious of people who are authentic, confident and smart.

Of course, they cannot show their jealousy, and therefore, they make it appear as if they are the ones who are being envied constantly. This impression makes them believe that they are the ones in power and others are simply trying to mimic them.

If you are dealing with someone who has a god complex, you are committing to an extremely taxing emotional rollercoaster ride. We would advise you to avoid signing up for this.

If you are stuck in the god complex vs superiority complex loop, know that the god complex is even worse than the superiority complex. Although you should not be dealing with either of those. You definitely deserve better. A little heads up, Aries, Aquarius, and Libra are the three zodiac signs that tend to have a god complex. If you love yourself even a little bit, take your time in knowing people with these zodiacs before committing to them, because these signs with the biggest god complex can leave you feeling worthless and mentally drained.

Do not try to heal or help someone who has the signs of a god complex. What you should do is run like the wind, far, far away from them. Good luck!


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