Voice message transcription feature coming soon on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is working on several new features, including message reactions. The messaging platform is now expected to release a voice message transcription feature. First spotted on iOS, this feature might roll out for Android users eventually. The report reveals that the transcription will be done on the user’s device and neither Facebook nor WhatsApp will have the access to this message. The report further adds that these voice messages might also help Apple improve its speech recognition technology without revealing the identity of the user. The feature is optional and it will need the user to give special permission in case they want to use it.

Once the permission is granted, users can use the feature and even jump to a specific timestamp by going to a new “Transcript” section. The message transcripted once will be saved locally in the WhatsApp database so that it doesn’t have to be transcripted again in case the user decides to see the transcription again. Two screenshots of the said feature are also shown in the report.

The feature is under development as of now and its availability is still unknown.

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