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Things men find confusing about women


Why are women so confusing? Their language sounds like code, they send out mixed messages and are often in the spate of mood swings – these are just some of the things that leave men baffled about female behaviour psychology. Is it complicated women that confuse men? Or is it the marked difference between how men and women view the world that leaves both sexes baffled about the other’s response to situations and circumstances? What confuses men about women so much?

Every so often, this perennial mystery is shrugged off with a ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus’ response. We must depart from this tendency and try to look for some real answers because men and women are from earth, and in most cases, have to learn to cohabitate. It doesn’t matter how many years of dating experience you have under your belt or whether you have been in a steady, long-term relationship, there are bound to be times when you just can’t make sense of what a woman wants or what she is getting at.

Is it just complicated women that confuse men? Or all women? If yes, what are some of the most confusing things about women from a man’s perspective? And what do you do when a man is confused about you? Let’s try to decipher:

  • Playing hard to get is complicated women’s behaviour

If you look at it from a guy’s perspective, the dynamics are simple – you like him, he likes you and you get together to have a good time and see where it goes. Women, perhaps thanks to pop culture references, have been made to believe that playing hard to get is the way to pique a guy’s interest in her.

But why? Why are girls so confusing? The logic is justified in their minds -the more distant they are, the more curious and jealous a guy will get. She’ll play on his mind and he’ll do whatever it takes to win her over. However, it also has the potential to do more harm than good. Have you ever wondered why are men unsure about relationships? This might well be one of the reasons why.

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  • Spending hours to get ready is what confuses men about women

It doesn’t matter whether you are going to the mall, the movies, for a party or on a pub crawl, most women take painfully long to get ready – well, at least by a man’s standards. It often becomes a bone of contention and a trigger for fights between couples. However, that’s not one of the most confusing things about women. What baffles men is that despite taking all the time in the world, they’re never really pleased with the way they look. This takes us back to the point about the need for validation.

So, it becomes a vicious circle of waiting and reassuring and that’s what men find hard to understand about female behaviour psychology. Wanting an emotional connection without betraying their real emotions This can top the list of the many confusing things girls do. Women want nothing more than a deep emotional connection with the man they are with. However, the point they seem to miss is that emotional intimacy is built on strong, honest conversations.

Even if a girl is chatty by nature, she’ll tend to close up if there is something bothering her. Within she may be seething with anger or feeling overwhelmed with emotion, but won’t divulge a single detail to her partner. The best you may get out of her is the notorious ‘I’m fine’, or if you’re lucky, ‘Don’t worry, I’ll be fine’. And she doesn’t even mean it.

  • Be direct instead of doing these things

This is not a joke but a technical issue. Men and women are wired differently and this is a well-known fact. Men often find it difficult to understand certain things women do, which stresses them out. Here are 7 such things that confuse them when it comes to women. Do you agree?

  • Mixed signals

Men may sometimes struggle to interpret mixed signals from women. Women sometimes show interest one moment and then appear distant or unresponsive the next. This makes it challenging for men to understand the underlying reasons behind these fluctuations.

  • Emotional complexity

Women are often perceived as having a greater emotional range and complexity when compared to men. This can sometimes make it difficult for men to fully grasp or predict a woman’s emotional responses or understand the factors influencing her mood.

  • Indirect communication

Women often use indirect communication styles, like throwing in hints, subtleties, and non-verbal cues to convey their thoughts and feelings. Men, on the other hand, generally, tend to prefer direct communication. They find indirectness very confusing.

  • Multiple dimensions

Women’s lives are influenced by various roles and responsibilities, like career, family, and social dynamics. Understanding how these different dimensions interact and impact a woman’s choices and behaviour can be confusing for some men.

  • Changing preferences

Many of us know that a woman’s preferences, including those related to relationships, can evolve over time. What a woman might find attractive or desirable in one phase of her life may not align with her preferences in another phase. Men find this very puzzling and they struggle to keep up with these changes.

  • Body language

Women rely on subtle body language cues to convey their feelings or indicate interest. However, decoding these non-verbal signals can be challenging for men who may not be as attuned to these cues or may interpret them differently.

  • Group dynamics

Women often engage in close-knit social circles and rely on group interactions for support and decision-making. Men may find it confusing to navigate these group dynamics and understand how they impact individual relationships or interactions.

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