These are the pros and cons of sexual fantasies in relationships

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Every couple’s sexual fantasies exceed the limitations of their bedroom into erotic and exciting opportunities. Whether it’s experimenting with ropes, whips or ice cubes, sexual fantasies can be extremely dreamy and pleasurable. However, there can be some noticeable downsides to such fantasies if you and your partner aren’t on the same page about this, thus, creating rifts in the relationship. Hence, we bring to you a list of the pros and cons of sexual fantasies in relationships.
Pros of sexual fantasies

Adventure in the relationship – acting out your sexual fantasies can definitely spice up your boring sex life or relationship. You and your partner should be on the same grounds regarding indulging in sexual fantasies that exceed the normal terms. Role-playing, sexy lingerie, sex toys, stripping are more are many such sexual fantasies that will indefinitely spark up your relationship.

Identifying one’s sexual identity – Being with your partner can help you both to explore sexual wants and needs that have been subdued due to society’s outlook on sex. Our upbringing, families and behaviour also plays a huge role in determining our behaviour and so, thinking about and accepting your sexual fantasies will help you to discover what exactly you like or would not prefer.

Acceptance of relationships – In Indian society, it is very difficult to communicate topics related to sex, even if it means educating the youth about safe sex practices. Acting out on sexual fantasies gives us a chance to understand and educate ourselves more about what practices in sex are safe and which aren’t. What’s more, you and your partner get pure pleasure from this.

Cons of sexual fantasies

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Derogatory sexual fantasises – Some people form sexual fantasies after seeing pornography, thus formulating really unrealistic fantasies about sex. Most of the content on porn is considered to be unrealistic. And so, people try to perform really derogative sexual fantasies that may not sit well with their partners. One might become too controlling or dominant in bed, than what is needed.

Don’t resort to anything illegal – If kissing in elevators and anywhere out in the open is one of your fantasies, then you should definitely consider the environment surrounding you. In India, such actions are largely considered to be inappropriate and you might invite a lot of trouble!

Misunderstandings between partners – You and your partner should be on the same page regarding frivolous sexual activities and fantasies. Don’t try to do things that you haven’t already discussed with your partner. Such acts can be challenging and so it needs to be consensual. Remember that your partner should also be willing to try out a sexual fantasy with you. If they aren’t, you should discuss your concerns and communicate clearly.

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