The Untold Dangers Of Masturbation

Masturbation is not a subject that is discussed in daylight but, many people indulge in it privately and it is therefore important to know the dangers of masturbation as well as its negative and positive effects on your health. TUNDE OGUNTOLA reports.

Masturbation is a term used to refer to the self-stimulation of genital organs, by both men and women, in most cases, to the point of getting an orgasm. According to health experts, “forty per cent of adolescent girls, and between sixty and ninety per cent of boys in this age group take part in regular masturbation.” For most youngsters, masturbation provides them with the chance to explore sexually in private, before they can make the decision to engage in sexual activities with other people.

Given the fact that the world is currently filled with all kinds of diseases and conditions, masturbation is considered to be the safest type of sex, when it comes to helping prevent the transmission of diseases, such as HIV.

Consequently, abusive masturbation can harm the male and female body in the following ways: infection, mood swings and stress, fatigue, insomnia and sleep disturbance, weak or soft erections, premature ejaculations that is sometimes accompanies by excessive precum, fuzzy vision or eye floaters, performance anxiety attacks, discomfort or pain in the lower back, thinning hair, insulin resistance and suppressed immunity, testicular pain and pain in the groin.

Even though masturbation may at times be recommended by doctors to assist patients with their sexual lives, it also poses some dangers. A new study has shown that men who masturbate on a frequent basis are at risk of developing prostate cancer.

A new study established that men who masturbated a lot in their early twenties, had a thirty-four per cent chance of developing prostate cancer by the time they got to their sixties. For women, it has been noted that frequent masturbation may lead to them not enjoying sexual sessions with their partners.

Most women claim that the orgasms they derive from their own touch tend to be more intense as compared to those that they get from engaging in sex. Female Masturbation Side Effects As a woman, even if you do not happen to be addicted to sex, too much masturbation may lead to unfortunate physical consequences.

Due to over stimulation, your G-spot, vagina, and clitoris could lose sensitivity, and this may make it more susceptible to injuries and infections. It is a condition known as sexual exhaustion. While looking at the masturbation effects on health, experts have noted that frequent masturbators will in many cases have a problem when it comes to performing with their real-life sex partners.

This is attributed to the fact that these women have conditioned their minds and bodies to self-stimulation, which leads to a quick release. As such, the women no longer regard sex sessions as shared experiences.

In a woman, it is something that can lead to an inability to reach sexual orgasm as well as lead to complete lack of sexual desire. When you snuff out this spark in your bedroom, you will find that problems such as breakdown in communication, insecurity, and distrust will start to arise.

Mitochondria fatigue and masturbation: It is normal for you to experience fatigue after you have had an orgasm. It is therefore not uncommon to feel tired after you have masturbated. Getting enough sleep, as well as making sure that you reduce your frequency of masturbation will assist in alleviating the exhaustion that you are experiencing. If this fatigue continues, it is recommended that you try out herbal solutions such as Tumeric root, as they will assist in re-energizing your mitochondria.

In cases where masturbation does not lead to significant problems such as mitochondria fatigue and sexual exhaustion, masturbating too often may still cause problems to your relationships. Male masturbation side effects Having looked at the effects, it has on the female body; let us look at the masturbation effects on health, when practiced by men. Given that masturbation is a noxious habit, men regularly practice it across the globe.

Today, it is a practice that has corrupted the life of many young men, with many taking part in regular, or daily masturbation sessions. In a bid to understand the masturbation effects on health, experts looking into this topic found that men are controlled by three main factors: environmental, emotional, and hormonal factors.

One of the major effects of this practice is that it creates drowsiness. After ejaculating, you will find yourself going to sleep for most of the time, and as explained earlier, you may find your body experiencing tiredness. Additionally, your body will also become weak, as the calcium and the proteins will be drained from your body. If looking for information on masturbation effects on health, it is important to note that too much masturbation may lower your sperm count.

In the human body, the proteins are the most important building blocks that there is, and when you ejaculate, they diminish. You may therefore find yourself becoming lean, and this in the process distracts the formation of muscles in the body. It is something that can negatively affect couples that are trying to get pregnant.

As such, it is recommended that couples trying to start a family desist from masturbation, as it may prove to be counterproductive. How to stop masturbation for men and women Having looked at the masturbation effects on health discussed above, you may feel the need to stop the habit completely, or reduce the frequency with which you masturbate. If you do, you will find that these points will come in handy in helping you achieve this fete:

• Aim to stay busy and focused at all times, as you need to ensure that you fill your life with activities that are engaging. Taking part in new activities brings with it new excitement, which will help you resist the urge to masturbate. To achieve this, you can try the following: be creative, take part in sports, eat a balanced and healthy diet, make sure you get adequate sleep, make a plan to avoid masturbating during your go-to times of each day, if you find your bathing time to be tempting, switch from taking warm showers, and start taking cold showers.

• Limit your isolation, if the reason you masturbate frequently is because you have a lot of time alone, try to find ways in which you can become socially engaged.

• Stop the urge to watch porn. On a final note, trying to stop masturbation is not something that can be accomplished within a single day. It is a process that will require commitment.

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