The Truth About Weight Gain


Daliso once joked about weight gain on Britain’s Got Talent. He noted that if you see an overweight or obese person in Africa, people don’t tell them to go on a diet as might happen in the West, they will rather wonder where you got the food from amidst all the poverty bedeviling Africa.

Not far from the truth.

For most Africans, Ghanaians especially, weight gain is evidence of affluence. Anytime we see somebody gaining weight, we assume that they are making more money, things are getting better for them, they are eating better food and they don’t have stuff to worry about.

Far from the truth.

Weight gain has a plethora of causes and affluence isn’t the most prominent. Lack of sleep, stress, and irregular eating habits cause weight gain as much as gluttony does.  Developed countries rightly treat abnormal weight gain as unhealthy and consider it an underlying factor in many disease conditions.  You should as well.


If you are overweight, start running. If you can’t run, walk. Try fast walking. At least 30 minutes every day. If you run, do it every other day. Aim for a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week.


Let’s do this.


By Stan Dugah


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