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Many a time, people, mostly the younger ones wanting to venture into the marriage institution always have questions babbling on their minds. Especially when it comes to their partners and the future of the relationship. It is not easy to tell if your partner is the right one or not, but there are certain basic signs you should see and feel when it comes to your partner. Below are some of the signs we must look out for, to tell us the relationship can end in marriage.

We mostly feel free and at ease around the person: This feeling is inwards and gives one some sort of peace and calmness, if you have a sense of ease and comfort being with this person, it easily assure you that the person is right. You must feel free to say whatever around them, not disrespecting but feeling free such that you know you won’t be judged or chastised by the partner you are able to bring out your thoughts and share them without fights.

The person must have empathy: Every human has their episodes in life, we have both our good and low/bad sides. Sometimes one is unhappy, sick or in a bad mood and all. When your partner knows all these about you and still stick to you through all and genuinely care and show concern through good and especially tough times, then the partner is surely good to marry.


You have shared values: Marriage is a long term something, and like the Bible admonishes us in Amos 3:3; two cannot walk together except they agree. So as a couple, you should have similar moral values and views. If you both have similarities in thoughts, dreams, visions, it’s a sign that the road will be safe.

Fight as friends not enemies: Fights and disagreements are bound to happen in every relationship, but the question is, do you disagree as friends or as enemies? Do you learn from your disagreements? Do you get back together after the disagreements? Does the bond get stronger? Do you disagree with the point that one seeks to destroy the other? If it turns to hate after the disagreement then separation is the best way out.

Loyalty: It means commitment. The person you are with must commit and invest in you. Investment as in time, love, money, care and all. One way to gauge commitment is to communicate, when they miss your call, do they return?

Believing in your visions: What your vision is in life? Do you have a sense of direction and purpose? Does your partner believe in your vision? Is your partner buying into it and ready to support it?  If yes, then you are on the right path.

Mutual Respect: You two must respect yourselves. If you struggle to respect yourselves, please leave. It is a bad sign. Signs of disrespect could be constant yelling, name-calling, persistent lying, flirting with others and so on. If you don’t feel secured, then leave the relationship.

Understand when you are apart, either by work, travel or others: if you and your partner are insecure when you are away from each other, it calls for serious discussion.

Both must be willing to work on the relationship: Partners must make efforts to work it out, the relationship is work. Sometimes you must just know, as in sense or feel in your heart the person is just right for you and you want to be with the fellow.

Beware of visions and prophecies: Some religious leaders may deceive you. Prophecies are good, but let us make choices based on what’s presented to us to avoid future problems. In effect, speak, talk to your partner constantly. Interactions will help know where you both are headed!

Also, make sure you spent time praying into the relationship, but whiles you pray, watch out for these signs above to be sure where your relationship is heading, God bless us all.

Written by © Benjamin Freshhope Mensah

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