Re-registration of sim with Ghana Card to start July – Bawumia

VP Dr Mahamudu Bawumia says Ghanaians should re-register their sim cards with the Ghana Card starting July or lose them.

As per him, the move is essential for endeavours to digitize the economy for improved responsibility and financial development

“I expect that the pastor for correspondence and Digitalization will before a long report that we will all from the finish of June or perhaps start of July this year everyone should enrol their sim with a public ID else we lose that sim.

“This will give us a character for a genuine momo exchange at that point remove issues of Fraud from Sim box or through momo so we can dispose of the entirety of that,” Dr Bawumia said at the fifth CEO Summit in Accra, where he was a visitor of honour.

The activity is to add to the country’s focal information base with remarkable IDs. The cycle of enlistment should be possible on one’s telephone and doesn’t need a visit to a Telco outlet.

The Ghana Card is utilized to approve an individual’s character at air terminals, borders, police check posts and keeping in mind that booking tickets. The arising Ghana railroad travel may require an individual to convey their Ghana Card particularly if e-tickets are presented.

Right now, there are in excess of 40 million cell phone clients in Ghana.

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