BAD MARRIAGE IS A CHOICE – Counselor Adofoli

Marriage is not a prison, marriage is not frustration, marriage is not a punishment. Marriage is a blessing and everyone can have that. A bad marriage is a choice. The fact that you agreed to marry someone does not mean you agreed or allowed yourself to be maltreated. Marriage is not for everyone.

Marriage is one of the safest relationships on earth, a relationship that runs on love and respect, equality and understanding, partnership and friendship. Marriage is work and happiness and not endurance.

Marriage is a life of fulfilment and not a life of sorrow. It is never a punishment or abuse. That is why when someone gets married we are happy for them because marriage is God’s favour and anyone who finds a spouse is blessed and receives favour from God.

It is very true that lots of marriages have an opposite picture of what marriage is intended to be. That’s the choice they made. They went for a bad marriage instead of a good one. This is because we are not taking our time to prepare for a good marriage.

Lots of singles are preparing for sex and not marriage. Because many singles have not prepared for marriage when they see a “marriage material” person they are not able to recognize them. There are many who pushed the right person away to make room for the wrong person.

The truth is, when you know how to prepare a certain food or have the right knowledge of the taste and how it is prepared, you should be able to recognize it when you see it or taste it. To the wise proverbially we speak! LET LOVE REFINE YOU!❤️


Written by Counselor Adofoli

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