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Indiscretion has caught up with you, accept responsibility – COP Alex Mensah et al told


Security Consultant Richard Kumadoe has admonished the three senior police officers at the center of the leaked IGP audio recording to own up and accept responsibility. Mr Kumadoe says in the past, the three would have landed in gaol by now, after just three probe questions.

Speaking on TV3‘s Ghana Tonight on Tuesday, September 12, the fraud prevention expert said the three senior police officers were only caught up in a web of indiscretion. “I think something is not right but whatever it is, they are law enforcement officers. They are professionals,” he observed.

“Indiscretion has caught up with my three brothers and they should accept responsibility,” he told host Alfred Ocansey. “In my days in the BNI, nobody will give you the opportunity of a public hearing.

“They will ask you three questions and depending on the answer you give, the fourth one could have finished you in prison for five to 10 years.” This comes after the Inspector General of Police, Dr George Akuffo Dampare, took his turn before the Atta Akyea-chaired ad hoc committee.

The senior-most police officer had parried all the allegations levelled against him by the three officers, whom he called brothers, saying the accusations were “unfounded” and without any “shred of evidence”. He admitted being pained by the actions of the three officers – COP George Alex Mensah, Supt. Emmanuel Eric Gyebi and Supt George Lysander Asare.

“They came and made all these allegations in not trying to cover up, probably they became associated with what they got themselves involved in at the first place and I, an innocent person, focusing on my job, working in concert with my team and all commands across the country to keep the country safe and make it to be at peace with itself, I have been asked to come and answer to these allegations, which are wild [and] baseless,” Dr Akuffo Dampare poured out to the seven-member committee on Tuesday.

“I feel in my spirit that this is just not fair. Hon. Chair, it is just not fair. Are we killing patriotism that anybody can just get up, make allegations upon allegations and people who go across the country, attends 48 hours without sleep, just keeping the country at peace, will be called to come and answer allegations that are unfounded and that becomes something?”

By: Emmanuel Kwame Amoh



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