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Any shred of doubt about IGP’s integrity has been put to rest – Franklin Cudjoe

Cudjoe Franklin Imani

President of policy think tank IMANI Africa, Franklin Cudjoe believes that the Inspector General of Police George Akufo Dampare’s submissions at the parliamentary committee probing the alleged plot to get him out erases any doubt about his integrity. Speaking on PM Express on JoyNews, he said the IGP was clear about his relationship with Bugri Naabu the man at the helm of the leaked tape scandal.

“If there was any shred of doubt about the integrity of the IGP today, it was all put to rest. I mean, I don’t know who probably in his sound mind will still be questioning the IGP’s integrity as far as the allegations go.”

“As far as the conversation about Mr Naabu’s involvement, I mean, he treated it as such. The police have been dealing with a gazillion number of people and interests, they do not have a commercial arrangement with the gentleman.”

Mr Cudjoe stated that Dr Dampare’s “mere acceptance of whether he (IGP) knows the gentleman Mr Naabu or he doesn’t know the gentleman Mr Naabu” cannot and should not soil his integrity.

“He didn’t say he doesn’t know him, he didn’t say that. He says he has no commercial arrangement of interest to discuss with Mr Naabu,” he added. This comes after the IGP defended himself after two officers made some allegations against him during the parliamentary committee probe.

COP Alex Mensah, one of the voices on the tape made several allegations against the IGP including holding up promotions in the service, being in constant communications with former President Mahama and calling Dr Dampare the worst IGP ever.

On his part, Supt. George Asare, also on the tape, corroborated some statements made by COP Mensah concerning the IGP and how he is running the Service. When pushed further, he said he would rather disclose them in camera.  But, he insisted the leaked tape had been edited.

However, appearing before the committee, the IGP denied all the accusations levelled against him by the officers. He denied claims that he masterminded the recording of the leaked tape purported to contain discussions to get him out. He labelled the allegations brought against him as wild and unsubstantiated.

He emphasized that these claims have inflicted harm not only upon his family but also on the reputation of the police service.

“I feel in my spirit that this is just not fair. Honourable chair, it is just not fair. Are we killing patriotism? That anybody can just get up, make allegations upon allegations, and people who go across the country – at times 48 hours without sleep, just to keep the country at peace – will be called to come and answer allegations that are unfounded?”

Source: Nasiba Yakubu

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