Hitting the Home Stretch

The hardest thing about pursuing any goal is beginning, starting out, taking that first step. The second hardest thing about the success journey is finishing, hitting home runs, bringing it all altogether.

If you are a student writing your exam in three months’ time, you’ll feel more resistance than you felt six months ago. You will feel less interested in learning, find excuses to not study, miss a couple of classes, and even give up or indulge in general self-destructive behavior.

Steven Pressfield in his book, the War of Art, personalizes resistance. He defines ‘Resistance as a universal force that is opposed to human creativity, endeavor, and achievements.’

Resistance is the voice that tells you that missing a few classes won’t affect you much. Resistance is the doubt you feel about starting your own business. Resistance is the fear you feel that makes you think you are not good enough and can’t do great things.

Resistance is greatest when the finish line is in sight. It absolutely doesn’t want you crossing that line and the home stretch is where you have to discipline yourself some more, stay focused and not let resistance get the better of you.

Here is how you beat resistance: Do exactly what you feel like not doing, what you are procrastinating on, the very thing that will make you discover your true self, discover hidden strengths, untapped potentialities, and then unfold like a flower and become more–that very thing you feel you are not ready to do. Just do it.

It’s the last quarter of 2021. Four months more for the year to run out. Time to tighten your belt, stay focused, stay disciplined and run some more.


It’s not over yet.

Let’s do this.

By Stan Dugah



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