Ghana’s foundation will shake before 2024 – Anas

Investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas has said that he will be releasing a documentary on corruption in Ghana before the 2024 general elections. He said this exposé will shake the foundation of the country.

He said these while answering questions in an interview on whether Anas was a ‘terrorist’ as was recently said by a High Court judge. Anas defended his methods and talked about corruption in Africa.

He said “The work that I am doing now might be the last before we get into the [2024] elections. But already the signs are very clear and I can tell you that the foundation would be shaken once again.” “There are a couple of international ones that are about to be released. But this one, talking to you as a Ghanaian, I mean the foundation of Ghana would be shaken,” he said.

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