Free SHS is acceptable yet should be reviewed – Educationist


An Educationist, Mr Samuel Ziga has required a survey of the Free SHS strategy saying the approach in its present status isn’t economical.

As per Mr Ziga, guardians who are in the situation to pay charges should be permitted to pay to facilitate the weight on the public authority and furthermore assist the public authority with undertaking infrastructural improvement in the different state-funded schools. The free SHS strategy carried out by the Akufo-Addo drove organization in 2017 has been scourged by a few difficulties including the absence of work areas, diminished contact hours and helpless framework to oblige every one of the recipient understudies.

Yet, President on Saturday said the presentation and execution of the Free Senior High School (SHS) strategy has guaranteed that a huge number of youthful Ghanaians who, beforehand, would have had their schooling shortened at the Junior High School level, presently have the chance to additional their schooling.

“The approach has turned around many years of rejection, which denied, overall, 100,000 young fellows and ladies, yearly, section to senior secondary school instruction due to the destitution of their folks,” the President spread the word about this on Saturday, 29th May 2021, when the University of Cape Coast presented an Honorary Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Leadership degree on him, at a service at the grounds of the University. Talking on the Morning Starr on Monday, Mr Ziga said there should be a comprehensive and participatory audit of the free SHS strategy to improve it and practical.

“The Free SHS strategy, I’ve generally said any individual who says it’s bad doesn’t need anything useful for the country. In any case, each resident in Ghana realizes that it’s confronting difficulties… For instructors who are instructing in SHSs, materials ought to be prepared for them. We should give them through and through freedom.

“At the point when individuals talk about survey, individuals take a gander at it from a political point since somebody said when he comes, he’ll audit it. We can’t proceed that way. As far as I might be concerned, instalment of charge isn’t an issue but since they said it’s free, that is the reason the public authority can’t come out. I figure the individuals who can pay ought to be permitted to pay.”

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