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Irate St. Paul students stop matron from transporting stolen food items from campus

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There was bedlam at St.Pauls Technical School in Akyem Kukurantumi in Abuakwa North Municipality in the Eastern Region Sunday when students in the school went on a frenzy and appropriated a taxi being utilized by the matron of the school to ship alleged stolen food taken from the school’s kitchen.

The students, some of whom were furnished with stones and sticks, encircled the taxi with enrollment number AS 3074 – 15 and flattened each of the four tires after the lady, Madam Comfort, and the cab driver fled and deserted the vehicle.

The director of the School Benjamin Adjabeng held up a proper grumbling at the Akyem Kukurantumi Police station.

The police continued to the school to offload the supposed taken food things comprised of nine pails of groundnuts glue, one sack of millet, four boxes of tin tomatoes, three packs of rice, three sacks of flour, two packs of sugar and one enormous gallon of cooking oil.

An associate at the school’s kitchen was captured by the Police to help the examination anyway the Matron and the cab driver are on the loose.

Food robbery in second cycle establishments is predominant. On April 28, 2021, Ghana Education Service (GES) coordinated the administration of nearly 53 Senior High Schools (SHS) in the Ashanti Region to co-work with the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) of Ghana Police Service to explore a few infractions identified with the stock of food things.

Source: Ghana/ Ansah

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