In everything we do in life, one must not forget that there are two sides to everything. There are ups and downs, good and bad in life, but knowing the difference and understanding it meaning made a headway. This concept also applies in relationships. Be it friendship, marriage, platonic relationship, family, whatever! In a relationship, one must look out for certain signs that show that the relationship is either done or about to end. We must therefore look out for the times and seasons in the relationship, read the signs and quickly detect the red flag signs. Some of these signs or red flags include.

  • When your partner keeps breaking up and getting back. The question is “why or what led to the breakups? Why do you always come back after the breakups? What is happening? What part did you play? When this keep happening and you seems not to have any solution to it, then one must advise him or herself to leave the relationship.
  • When you are the one always doing the most sacrifices in the relationship, it could imply that you are the only one involved, as the other may just be taking advantage of the situation. 
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  • Another major “stop to think and move factor, is when you have lost trust in your partner. Trust is a major ingredient in every relationship. If you lose it, what would your relationship be based on? When this happens, it is like when a mirror or egg is broken, how do you patch it up again? It simply means it’s time to move. Another factor is when you realise you guys are “growing worlds apart, especially in communication and relating to each other”. This means that you no more communicate, nor see or feel the need to be with each other. The vibe or connection is torn, then it’s time to figure out why? If after figuring out, you are unable to resolve the issues, then you have to move.
  • It is always good to be on the same page or has similar or same values with your partner. Once your ideas and values are going in the opposite direction, then it’s time to move. You having conflicting ideas simply means more fighting for the relationship.
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  • When you no longer have the desire to make it work or care about each other, you must then move. When you ever experience a continuous form of abuse then one must be willing to move out. Whether the abuse is physical, mental or emotional. Believe it or not, mental or emotional abuses can lead you to an early grave or even to a psychiatric hospital or homes. Sometimes, one must ask themselves, if staying in that abusive marriage is worth it. You have kids, family and friends who love you, why die for a man or a woman in the name of “I love him or her” it is not worth it. Physical abuses are mad! One punch and your head is down and starts to bleed. Run for your life and move if these signs pop up.
  • Constant fights and quarrels: episodes where you insult each other, call each other names is another reason to run! Out of love or the fact that you don’t want to have anything to do with the person doesn’t mean insult and call each other names, Run!
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  • When you make observation and analysis of the relationship and realise you aren’t getting all the attention, love and care you deserve and when regardless of what happens, that is, the talk, counsel and all you still are being ignored, move. Simple message sent, your time is over, Run! At this point, let us put it at the back of our minds that, when someone loves you, they make time for you. You need not fight for the love, care and attention, they come naturally. No man or woman is too busy for what they love. We make time for the things we cherish. If at the least chance and fight you are looking for an exit point; then it’s time to leave. 

When you always think of breaking up all the time, it’s time to move away. All these are but a few of the signs to look out and run from the relationship if the need be. But before you close the chapter or fold up on the relationship, try to have an honest discussion with your partner and find out where you both fell short or went wrong so it doesn’t happen in your next relationship. In the process, try to speak without being rude or defamatory. 

Talk through the areas you both would or should improve on. Try to forgive yourselves and move on, the fact that things don’t work between you and someone doesn’t mean become enemies. The world is a small place and you might not know when and how you may need the fellow.

If it’s a problem that needs professional help, one must be willing and ready to seek the betterment of oneself and the next relationship and the people around. If you try all these and nothing seems to work, please move on. The world needs you! Your family needs you! Your friends need you.

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Being in a healthy relationship bread a lot of peace and allows you to grow and progress. Choose and live in the right kind of relationship. The Lord bless us all!!


Written by © Benjamin Freshhope Mensah

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