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UGMC successfully completes first set of six kidney transplant surgeries

University Of Ghana Medical Centre Ltd

The University of Ghana Medical Centre Ltd (UGMC) has announced the successful completion of its first set of six kidney transplant surgeries. In a statement issued Sunday night [June 30, 2024], the medical centre said the surgeries were performed under the leadership of a highly skilled and dedicated local and foreign medical team.

“The UGMC has so far conducted six kidney transplant surgeries with utmost precision, care, and expertise,” it said. According to the Head of Urology at UGMC, Dr. Emmanuel Asante, the procedures were performed seamlessly, showcasing the Centre’s capabilities in complex surgical interventions and post-operative care.

The Chief Executive Officer of UGMC, Dr. Kwame Anim Boamah, said the successful completion of the first set of six kidney transplants underscores the Centre’s commitment to pushing boundaries, achieving medical excellence, and improving patients’ lives through cutting-edge interventions and compassionate care. He stated that UGMC was looking forward to continuing its mission of advancing healthcare standards and innovative practices in the field of transplantation.

The University of Ghana Medical Centre Ltd. (UGMC) is an academic medical centre offering world-class patient care, training and research in Ghana and beyond.


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