The Ghanaian Coup that never Happened


It was during the election of a Speaker of Parliament that a fight broke out between the NPP and the NDC and then we saw soldiers storming parliament. It was the first time ever we have had soldiers in Parliament in our democratic dispensation, and it could have ended up as a coup!


You see why I maintain that we are always electing our moral and intellectual inferiors as leaders? No intelligent leader or party kingpin will order soldiers into parliament. Doing so is tantamount to legitimizing any such future occurrences and making it possible, whether a politician orders it or not.


But no. They won’t get it. They don’t it. Feed your pet lion a bird for dinner, and he might mistake you for breakfast in the morning. And these are the people who are now on social media telling us to not celebrate the coup in Guinea. The very people whose forebears celebrated the overthrew of Nkrumah.  Celebrating the Guinean coup does not mean we want the same in Ghana. Guineans are celebrating the coup and we stand with them.


Why did their President change the constitution to run for a third term and increased his salary while citizens are suffering? He wasn’t even content with the possibility of his party breaking the 8 or 12 or whatever they would have called it, he wanted to remain in power until he dies. Coups don’t happen only because people want it. There is a myriad of possible causes.  Circumstances demand it at times. That’s what happened to Hosni Mumbarak in Egypt and what’s happening to Conde in Guinea.


The Egyptian coup wasn’t military-led; it was started by civilians and the military finished it. Of course, their soldiers were sensible enough to not shoot civilians like what happened to the Three Patriots of Ejura. If you don’t want any coups happening in Ghana then talk to your partner thieves in the NDC and stop playing Ghana like a socks ball between you two.


Fix the country, fix the constitution, fix the system to avert any future uprising.


The dollar recently hit Ghc 6.00 and your economic messiah and financial whiz kids are nowhere to be found. Talking theories is cheap. The exchange rate and other economic indicators are what’s showing us whether you passed the practical test or not.  Ordering soldiers into parliament was witless, and it is a blot on our democracy. Make some wise decisions going forward now. Eschew corruption and political patronage and make the remaining three years your best ever.


Sekou Toure of Guinea housed Nkrumah after he was overthrown in 1966, and since you hate the removal of Alpha Conde and don’t want anybody celebrating it, maybe you should give him sanctuary in Ghana.


Good luck.


By Stan Dugah



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