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Nduom reacts to illegal tax avoidance, wire misrepresentation charges against him


Ghanaian finance manager and legislator Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom has formally reacted to the suit against him by a US-based organization for $63m in supposed illegal tax avoidance, wire misrepresentation. A valuable asset and protections venture organization situated in the United States, Birim LLC, them.

“The Nduom family litigants, by and through their possession, control and utilization of respondents GN Bank, Gold Coast Fund Management and more than 60 undercapitalised interrelated organizations, gathered a few million dollars of contributor’s saving, speculation commitments and protection charges, and infringing upon the U.S. what’s more, Ghana laws unlawfully washed roughly $63,000,000 of contributors’ assets through its Virginia-based hoax ‘acquisition and counselling administration’ organization, International Business Solutions,” it expressed.

It added “Offended party further asserts that Nduom family litigants rule and control the Corporate Defendants and the connected at least 60 organizations, and in this manner, these elements mix together their assets and different resources and neglect to isolate the assets of the different elements. There is likewise the unapproved redirection of corporate assets or resources for non-corporate employments”.

The offended party alluded to the new tidy up in the financial area which influenced Nduom’s bank, saying, “a considerable bit of its [GN Bank] credits were unlawfully made to Nduom-related substances without the advantage of proper danger evaluations, administrations or determinants”.

In any case, segments of the reaction to the suit documented by attorneys of Dr Nduom said “Birim Group LLC’s protests abuse this court to spread a Ghanaian business visionary and political pioneer Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom, Founder of the Ghana Progressive Peoples Party. Birim Group itself is a dinky LLC whose individuals the objections doesn’t distinguish.”


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