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Meta expands monetization features for content creators in Ghana


In a significant move aimed at empowering content creators in Ghana, Meta has announced the expansion of its monetization features. This development was communicated to the Ministry of Information by Sade Dada, Meta’s Public Policy Manager for Anglophone West Africa.

The new monetization features will allow Ghanaian content creators to earn revenue from Facebook’s in-stream ads, with plans to extend similar opportunities on Instagram later this year. This initiative includes the introduction of ads on Facebook Reels, providing another avenue for creators to generate income from their content.

To qualify for monetization, creators must adhere to Meta’s Partner Monetization Policies and Content Monetization Policies, which impose stricter guidelines than the general community standards. These policies are designed to ensure high-quality content and a positive user experience. Advertisers are also required to comply with Meta’s advertising standards to maintain meaningful connections between users and businesses.

The Ministry of Information has praised Meta for this strategic investment in Ghana’s digital future. The Ministry has pledged to facilitate further collaboration between Meta and the New Media Association of Ghana, aiming to explore additional opportunities for digital innovation and entrepreneurship.

The Ministry’s statement expressed optimism about the potential of these expanded monetization tools to create new opportunities for Ghanaian content creators and bolster the growth of the country’s digital economy. For more details, content creators are encouraged to visit Meta for Creators, a dedicated portal guiding utilizing these monetization tools effectively.


Source: Ghana/ Mensah


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