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Five Ways to Pursue Spiritual Intimacy in Marriage

Working On Spiritual Intimacy

What is your understanding of spiritual intimacy in marriage? Have you ever experienced it? Well, spiritual intimacy can have different meanings for different people. Those who can sense omens, whose gut feelings are almost always right, those who can feel and admire the presence of the ever-present around them, and those who feel connected with a higher power, tend to be spiritual individuals in general.

It is not indispensable to be a highly religious person for the sake of gaining spiritual contentment. What is inevitable is to be a pure-hearted person with boundless empathy for the rest of the world. Building intimacy in marriage in pivotal to marital satisfaction. A lot of couples enjoy emotional and physical intimacy with each other, but not all are blessed with spiritual intimacy. Just like not every person can experience spirituality, only a few couples are bestowed with the intimacy of a spiritual kind.

What is spiritual intimacy in marriage?

Wondering what spiritual intimacy definition is? Spiritual intimacy in marriage refers to the level of connection that a couple shares on a spiritual level. It involves a deep understanding and appreciation of each other’s values, beliefs, and worldviews, as well as a shared sense of purpose and meaning.

This type of intimacy goes beyond physical and emotional connections and involves a shared spiritual journey that supports each partner’s growth and development. In a spiritually intimate marriage, both partners prioritize their spiritual growth and are committed to supporting each other’s spiritual journey.

They share a common belief system and participate in spiritual practices together, such as prayer, meditation, or attending religious services. They also engage in meaningful conversations about their spiritual beliefs and experiences, and they seek guidance from a higher power when facing challenges. Spiritual intimacy can bring a deeper sense of connection and keep the spirit of intimacy alive in a marriage. It can also provide a sense of comfort and support during difficult times and help to foster a greater sense of unity and cooperation within the relationship.

Why is spiritual intimacy important in marriage?

Spiritual intimacy holds significant importance in a marriage for many reasons. It creates a sense of profound connection and understanding between partners that goes beyond the physical and emotional aspects of the relationship. This, in turn, fosters a greater sense of closeness and trust, as well as a shared sense of purpose.

Spiritual intimacy can help to provide a sense of comfort and support during difficult times. When facing challenges, couples who share a spiritual connection can turn to their beliefs and practices to find guidance. This can help them to navigate the ups and downs of life with greater resilience.

Spiritual intimacy can also provide a framework for shared growth and development. By participating in spiritual practices and engaging in meaningful conversations about their beliefs and experiences, couples can support each other’s personal growth.

It can also help to foster a sense of unity and cooperation within the marriageBy sharing a common belief system and a sense of purpose, couples can work together towards common goals and support each other in achieving them. This can help to strengthen the overall bond between partners and create a more fulfilling and meaningful relationship.

Five attributes of Unique Spiritual Intimacy in marriage 

Since we have discussed what spiritual intimacy in marriage is and how it contributes to the shared growth and development of a couple, we can now talk about what are some attributes of having spiritual intimacy in marriage.

  • Couples who believe they are together for God want them to be

There is a group of people who hold onto the belief that couples are destined to be together, and that there is a spiritual connection between them. They refer to these couples as being “spiritually married” or in a “spiritual marriage”. These couples feel that their meeting was preordained by a higher power, and that they have a responsibility to nurture and protect their relationship. They view this as a sacred duty that they must handle with care to avoid displeasing God. Spiritually intimate couples maintain a healthy balance in their relationship, without any excessive or diminished behavior.

  • Couples who believe in seeking God’s blessings

Spiritually intimate couples are those who constantly seek God’s help to ameliorate their relationship. A lot of people go to counsellors and seek their advice and help; this may work for couples having a worldly approach, but for spiritual couples, God is the best counsellor, and he can provide their relationship with utmost harmony and tranquillity. Spiritually intimate couples pray together, or meditate together, to meet their goals. They firmly believe in seeking God’s bestowments and seek spiritual intimacy in marriage.

  • Couples who find serenity in spending time in prayers

Couples who go to church every Sunday to bow their heads before God are spiritually on the same page. They want their relationship/marriage to continue flourishing; hence they pray for its well-being with all their heart and soul. Such couples find togetherness in praying and devoting themselves to God for some time. If both feel the same about this experience, it ascertains, they are spiritually compatible.

  • Couples who tend to dig into nature

Nature is a strong sign of God’s presence. People who consider themselves to be close to the Almighty are often intrigued by nature. If both the partners are admirers of nature, it means they are spiritually evolved, individuals. Two such individuals can make an excellent couple with spiritual intimacy just at par. You like mornings and wake up early just to smell the fresh air; you can hear the wind singing a melody. You love the birds chirping in their nests, if you pay attention to any of these small details, you are probably a nature enthusiast. Such people are favourites of God. He bestows them with his consent. If two of the partners validate such vibes, they are sure to be a spiritual couple.

  • Couples who try all things that may bring bliss

People who are spiritually evolved know what it takes to be there. Spiritual intimacy in marriage helps them work in unison toward marital bliss. Such couples may do little good for the society out of an intention to satisfy God. They make every attempt to unbind the blessings of God. They try all things that may bring happiness and peace to their relationship. Such couples firmly believe whatever good you may do to anyone in the world, it will return to you. God returns the favour in a strange way.

Five ways to pursue spiritual intimacy in marriage

Various spiritual couples have various ways of connecting with each other spiritually. Seeking spiritual intimacy in marriage can be reflected through certain relationship rituals of habits you adopt in your daily life.  People complaining of ‘no spiritual intimacy in marriage from husband or wife’ can take some note here. Here are five possible ways to pursue spiritual intimacy in marriage:

  • Practice spiritual disciplines together

Engaging in spiritual practices together, such as meditation, prayer, or attending religious services, can be a great way to deepen your spiritual connection. You can create a regular practice that you both commit to and use this time to share your thoughts and experiences with each other. This can help you to feel more connected on a spiritual level and create a shared sense of purpose.

  • Share your spiritual journey

Talking openly and honestly about your spiritual beliefs and experiences can help you to gain a deeper understanding of each other’s perspectives. You can share stories about moments of inspiration, challenge, or growth and discuss how these experiences have impacted your beliefs and worldview. This can create a greater sense of intimacy and trust between you.

  • Find ways to serve together

Volunteering or serving in your community can be a great way to connect on a spiritual level. You can find a cause that you both feel passionate about and work together to make a positive impact. This can help you to feel more connected to each other, to the world around you, and to a higher purpose.

  • Create shared rituals

How to build intimacy in marriage? Creating rituals that you both enjoy can be a powerful way to connect on a spiritual level. This could be something as simple as lighting candles or saying a blessing before a meal, or something more elaborate, like creating a vision board together.  You can use these rituals to focus your intention and to connect with each other on a deeper level.

  • Seek spiritual guidance

Seeking guidance from a spiritual teacher, mentor, or advisor can be a great way to deepen your spiritual connection. You can find someone who shares your beliefs and values and who can provide guidance and support as you navigate your spiritual journey together.  This can help you to feel more connected to a higher power, to each other, and to the world around you.

Can a marriage last without spiritual intimacy?

Marriage is a complex relationship that involves many aspects, including emotional, physical, and spiritual intimacy. While spiritual intimacy may not be essential for some couples, it can be a vital part of a lasting and fulfilling marriage for others.

Couples who share spiritual beliefs often find that this shared belief system can provide them with a sense of purpose and meaning beyond their individual lives. This can create a strong bond between them, help them to navigate challenges and differences, and provide them with a deeper sense of connection.

However, a marriage can still last without spiritual intimacy if both partners are willing to put in the effort to cultivate emotional and physical intimacy, communicate openly and honestly, and maintain a deep sense of respect and trust for one another. Ultimately, the success of a marriage depends on the commitment and effort of both partners to create a fulfilling and lasting relationship.

Practicing spiritual intimacy can bring you closer!

Practising spiritual intimacy can be a powerful way to bring couples closer together. By sharing spiritual beliefs, practices, and experiences, couples can create a deep and meaningful connection that goes beyond the physical and emotional levels.

Through spiritual practices like meditation, prayer, and mindfulness, couples can learn to be more present, compassionate, and understanding with each other. They can also find a shared sense of purpose and meaning, which can help them to navigate challenges and differences in their lives.

In addition, spiritual intimacy can provide a foundation for a deeper, more fulfilling physical and emotional intimacy. By cultivating a sense of connection on a spiritual level, couples can create a more profound and meaningful bond that can last a lifetime. If you ever face problems in achieving spiritual intimacy with your partner and feel spiritually distant from them, it’s a good idea to seek marriage counselling and gather support.


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