Enjoy your man sexually, it makes him feel good – Kojo Yankson


Host of the Super Morning Show on Joy FM, Kojo Yankson, has said that among other things, a man looks out for a woman who enjoys having sex with him.

The outspoken journalist told Edem Knight-Tay on Joy Fm’s Home Affairs,

even though sex may be an insignificant deciding factor for some men, they are drawn towards a woman who loves sex.

“You must enjoy sex with him”, he said.

He explained, however, that enjoying sex with your man does not necessarily mean possessing extraordinary sexual prowess or a possessing a set of wild skills in bed, “but if he feels like every time he is in bed with you, you are in heaven, where else would he want to be?”

According to him, a woman who relishes her sexual encounters with her man does a lot to boost his ego.

“Look that thing, it makes a man feel powerful”, he said strongly.

Kojo Yankson made his submissions when he joined broadcasters Kofi Okyere Darko (KOD), Henry Agbai of Radio Gold, to discuss the question of what influences a man’s decision in settling for one ‘good’ woman over the other.

The all-male panel, coincidentally made up of broadcasters, shared their opinions on what the thought processes of men are when they are faced with this all-important decision.

Watering down the importance of sex in a relationship, however, was Henry Agbai, who did not think it played such an important role in marriages especially.

“I don’t think It’s anything extraordinary”, he submitted

He, however, placed emphasis on the importance of good looks in a potential partner.

For him, a man should be able to get compliments on the attractiveness of his wife at occasions.

SourceDaniella Adu Asare

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