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Couples should have date night; times have changed – Relationship expert

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A relationship expert, Reverend Mrs Catherine Onwioduokit, says married couples should set aside a date night where they can spend quality time together, free from the stresses of daily life. According to her, date nights do not necessarily need to involve expensive activities or fancy meals, saying that it should be something as simple as enjoying a glass of water together which can be a meaningful way to connect.

Speaking on JoyFM Super Morning Show on Friday, Mrs Onwioduokit emphasised the need for couples to focus on each other and enjoy each other’s company. “The date is when you put aside the stress and weight of life and say, baby, we are going out to sit somewhere every Wednesday from the hours of 7 pm. We are going to go somewhere; just stroll.

“Take a bottle of wine and then appraise our relationship because nothing works when you do not give attention to it, and so at work, you should realise that you do on-the-job training and refresher courses. All this is to make sure that you do not stink,” she said. The President of Family Renaissance International added that couples should not make the same mistakes as their parents, who may not have had to deal with the same temptations and pressures as couples today.

According to her, modern media and the prevalence of sexual imagery pose a challenge to a healthy relationship. She argued that couples need to be aware of the different contexts they are living in and adapt their behaviour accordingly so that their relationship remains strong and fulfilling.

“In this generation, everywhere you turn, on the internet, billboards, or magazines, somebody is kissing. So, you cannot bring the things that were adopted as lifestyles with your grandparents. This year, do not repeat the mistake of marrying and spicing your marriage off romance.

“Do not repeat that mistake as a married person. Do not go to work and give compliments to everybody; at home, you are not giving compliments to your husband or wife. Make sure you are romantic. Husbands who are listening to me this year should be intentional about being romantic,” she said.

By: Isaac Kafui Nyanyovor

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