Comprehensive report on dead fishes washed ashore to be released this week

A final comprehensive report on the dead fishes that were washed ashore along some beaches in the country is set to be released by the government this week.

An inter-agency investigation was launched after scores of various species of dead fishes washed ashore in Accra and Axim in the Western Region in April this year.

Although some preliminary findings have attributed the situation to stress factors, the Executive Director of the Fisheries Commission, Michael Arthur Dadzie, has told Citi News the comprehensive report would be made available this week.

According to him, all the sectorial agencies collaborated in putting together the comprehensive report.

“The outcome of investigations will be announced by the sector minister during her press briefing this week. The collaborators (FDA, NADMO, EPA), all met to coordinate and harmonize our findings and that is what the Minister will release during the press briefing.”

Fish washed ashore died from stress factors

The Fisheries Commission had earlier said that its preliminary investigations into the incident indicated that stress factors caused the death of the fishes.

Speaking to Citi News, the Head of Fish Health Unit at the Fisheries Commission, Dr. Peter Zedah, said further tests were being conducted for more clarity.

“Our initial investigations have proven that the fishes died as a result of some stress factors. For the [exact] stress factors, we are still investigating,” he said.

“Whether they were poisonous or not, we cannot tell because the other people are doing some pesticide testing.”


Tons of fish were found along the shores of the Osu Castle beach in Accra and in Axim as well in the Western Region.

The unusual incident attracted coastal dwellers in these areas, some of whom picked the dead fishes either for consumption or for sale.

Some tests had to be carried out to ensure that those who had eaten the dead fishes were safe, and indeed no incident was recorded as a result of the consumption.

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