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Any further attacks will be met with “appropriate response” – Ghana Armed Forces

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The Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) has issued a strong warning in response to recent attacks on the Tema Naval Base and its personnel. The incident started on the evening of Friday, April 12, when a group of people targeted a naval vehicle and later attempted to breach the base itself.

A press release from the GAF Public Relations Department reported that a vehicle of the Eastern Naval Command was damaged during a festival in Tema Newtown. Three naval personnel who were on board received injuries and were treated at the Tema Naval Base Medical Centre. Three suspects involved in the attack were caught by naval personnel and handed over to the Tema Newtown District Police.

The situation escalated later that night when a mob, believed to be festival participants, attacked the Tema Naval Base. In a bid to protect sensitive installations and repel the attack, warning shots were fired. Local authorities reported that two civilians were taken to the Tema General Hospital and later died, though the cause of death remains under investigation. Further attacks occurred on Saturday, April 13, targeting both the Tema Naval Base and the Biekro Barracks in Tema Newtown, resulting in property damage.

The GAF, in collaboration with the Ghana Police Service, has launched an investigation into the incident. While offering condolences to the bereaved families, the GAF urged all parties to remain calm while investigations progress. However, the press release concludes with a strong message: “We wish, however, to caution the youth of Tema that any further attacks on our installations or personnel would be met with the appropriate response.”

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