To shave or not to shave?

Why do people shave in the first place? Is it because they feel comfortable with it, adhere to societal standards, consider their partner’s preferences, or believe it is a cleaner option? You have pubic hair for a reason, and those hairs serve important functions in your body.

They can act as a barrier against friction, whether that’s between your body and your clothes or friction during sex. Contrary to certain opinions on social media, keeping your pubic hair does not in any way mean you’re dirty.

You should know that when you notice a mild odour coming from your hairy parts, it’s because your pubic hair is doing its job of trapping sweat, oil, and bacteria. All you need to do is regularly clean the area with water.

There is nothing dirty or unhygienic about pubic hair and there is no medical reason to remove it. Interestingly, it’s even more hygienic not to shave it. There are more facts should be aware of when deciding whether to keep or shave your pubic hair, as well as the downsides if you choose to use a shaving stick or wax strips. These facts will help you understand why shaving your pubic hair may not be the best way to go. Continue reading to gain a better understanding.

Risk of catching an STI

Removing your pubic hair can increase your risk of contracting a sexually transmitted infection (STI). Research has shown that frequent hair removal can cause micro-tears in genital skin and increase the risk of STI transmission by up to 440%. If you shave way too often and are sexually active, you may be at greater risk of contracting STIs, such as HPV or herpes.

Shave cuts and injuries

Let’s be honest, your pubic area is one of the hardest areas on your body to shave, and because of this reason, it’s sometimes unavoidable to accidentally injure yourself during the process, either from burning with wax that’s too hot or cutting your sensitive parts with the shaving tool. And it’s understandable. Pubic hair can extend to areas like the inner thighs or worse, around the butt. It can be almost impossible to have a clear view while shaving, especially if you are doing it yourself, making it so easy to have a disaster.

Skin problems

Shaving your pubic hair can cause irritation and inflammation of your hair follicles. Because frequent hair removal is needed to maintain smoothness in that area, it regularly irritates in the waxed or shaved region. Medical professionals have observed cases where patients develop abscesses and boils on their genital area and a skin infection known as cellulitis as a result of this.

Shaving does not equal hygiene

As I’ve mentioned earlier, many people shave, people shave thinking it makes them more hygienic, but that’s not the case. When you shave your pubic hair, you run the risk of getting open cuts and wounds in your private parts. These wounds, coupled with the warm environment of your private area, increase your risk of getting an infection. For women, pubic hair helps prevent unwanted bacteria from entering the vagina, as well as blocking dust and dirt from getting inside and upsetting the pH balance.

Unpleasant hair growth

When you shave your pubic hair, it will eventually grow back, and the regrowth will itch on its way back in. Ingrown hairs can also be a problem, which is even more uncomfortable. So the choice is yours: to shave or not to shave?


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