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Residents of Pwalugu depend on unclean water from streams and dugouts


Residents of Pwalugu in the Upper East Region struggle to access clean water and are forced to rely on contaminated water from streams and dugouts. They report using this unclean water for household chores and even drinking it due to the lack of clean water.

JoyNews correspondent, Albert Sore visited one of the residents, Wilson Abba as he went in search of water for his family. According to Wilson, a stream that was his source of water had dried up leaving him to walk over a kilometre to reach another stream.

However, the water appeared milky and stagnant. “We drink it. We use it for cooking. We use it a lot. Suppose you have nothing to do with the cleanliness of the water. For this area I don’t think we have a well or borehole, our source of water we get is mostly the stream here. We are many up to 200 or 300,” he said.

Mr Abba’s wife also explained that the water is very unhealthy and often, the other residents fall sick after consuming it. “A lot of people have fallen sick because it’s very, very deadly. And you can’t drink that water but sometimes when there is no water, you have to force and take it that way.”

By: Emmanuella Sarfo-Ntow

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