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Our situation may be bad, but better than being at war – Kofi Amoabeng

Kofi Amoabeng

Former CEO of the now defunct Unique Trust (UT) Bank, Retired Captain Prince Kofi Amoabeng, is concerned about the political situation in Ghana and the potential for unrest in the upcoming elections. During an interview on the AM Show, he mentioned that the general public is facing numerous challenges. Although it appears that the NPP has lost favour among Ghanaians, he cautioned that “the change is not going to be very smooth.”

“That is where my fear comes in because I think if there’s an obvious win for NDC and the NPP is using their money and influence to rig and do all sorts of things, things might explode. We’re talking about the machetes and guns that people are toting.”

“So we have to pray that for whatever reason, the elections go smoothly somehow and we’re able to choose a new leader and whether it’s NPP or NDC, it is what we have. “It’s better to have peace than anything else because our situation we say is bad. It’s better than being at war,” he said.

Mr Amoabeng said that there have already been pockets of violence recorded at various centres during the ongoing limited voters’ registration exercise. This, he told the host Benjamin Akakpo, does not bode well for the state. However, Kofi Amoabeng is hopeful that things will never escalate or cause conflicts in the state during the elections.

He called on Ghanaians and political parties to ensure the right thing is done, adding that people should also keep faith in God. “Let’s try and pray for things to calm down, certainly we’re going through a lot of hardships. It is scary so we need to pray and hope for the best. “But it shouldn’t put us in a state of paralysis as in we don’t know what to do or we’re not going to work hard. We have to work hard for it(peace).”


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