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Okomfo Anokye’s historic cola tree felled by unknown persons in Feyiase 

Okomfo Anokyes Historic Cola Tree

The Feyiase Akoyem Traditional Council and the police have joined forces in search of persons believed to have fallen the historic cola tree planted by Asante’s revered chief priest, Okomfo Anokye. The tree, planted centuries ago, holds historical significance to the Asante Kingdom and serves medicinal purposes for residents living close to the sacred tree.

Known as the Okomfo Anokye Bese, the Feyiase cola tree is believed to have been felled in the middle of the night by unknown perpetrators. The tree now lies lifeless with its stump seated deeply in the middle of the Kumasi Atonsu – Lake Bosomtwe road.

For years, this special tree which produced unique black and white nuts was not only walled to prevent intruders but protected by residents of Feyiase Akoyem, a historic Ashanti community in the Bosomtwe District. The linguist for the Feyiase Akoyem Traditional Council, Kyeme Frimpong said “This tree wasn’t even cut down when they were constructing the dual carriage road. So we don’t know why someone would do this to us.”

“This is really unfortunate. This could really spell doom for us and also the person who felled the tree,” he added. Planted 300 years ago, the cola tree is believed to have grown after the revered chief priest, Okomfo Anokye, spat on the ground while chewing cola nuts while travelling through the community. The sacred tree is believed to contain magical powers to cure barrenness and heal people of all kinds of ailments and spiritual curses.

Traditional authorities and police have joined forces in search of the illegal loggers whose action, they say, could spell doom for Asanteman. The Feyiase community holds some of Asante’s historic events, including their battle with the Denkyiras in the 17th century. Meanwhile, traditional rites are being performed for pacification.

By: Emmanuel Bright Quaicoe

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