MTN MOMO numbers used in defrauding people will be blocked – MTN CEO


Cellphones used to commit mobile money fraud in Ghana risk being blocked across all networks in Ghana.

This cross-mobile Network Operator blocking a fraudster’s International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI ) system means a blocked or blacklisted phone will not operate on any cellular network in the country.

The Chief Executive Officer of MTN Ghana Selorm Adadevoh hinted this during the Editors Forum organized by MTN Ghana as part of its 25th Anniversary celebration.

According to the CEO, additionally, MTN has instituted denial of PIN reset for 48 hours after SIM swap. He is firmly believing that these radical and aggressive sanction regimes will make it expensive and disincentive for culprits.

Selorm Adadevoh stressed that as part of firewall measures for the MTN’s cyber ecosystem, it is also deploying Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technology for predictive fraud analysis and prevention to boost the existing security measures.

Again, the introduction of advanced and dynamic SMS filtering solutions and real-time validation of Identifications during onboarding of customers are all aimed at improving the cyber safety of Customers.

Selorm Adadevoh stated that, nonetheless, MTN will continue to create awareness about mobile money fraud, extend fraud reporting channels to MyMTN, Consumer Apps and website, improve complaints feedback to customers, and deepen collaboration with the police for the prosecution of suspected momo fraudsters.

He however emphasized that the vulnerability risk of cyber financial fraud is ubiquitous across all cyber platforms in the country including banks and e-commerce, therefore, should be seen as a national security threat for a holistic solution.

Source: Ghana/ Ansah

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