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Make no mistake; Ghanaians are not gentle – Archbishop Duncan-Williams 

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The Founder and Presiding Archbishop of Action Chapel International, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams, has expressed concerns about the potential consequences for Ghanaians if the country were to become politically unstable. He has cautioned politicians against taking the citizens for granted, emphasizing that doing so could have serious repercussions in the future, based on historical precedent.

The Archbishop was speaking after the Presidential Candidate of the opposition National Democratic Congress for election 2024, John Dramani Mahama, met with the Christian Ecumenical Council and called on the clergy to rise and speak against the lack of transparency leading to the upcoming elections.

Mr Mahama ignited accusations against the Electoral Commission and the Akufo-Addo government alleging the appointment of party loyalists in an attempt to twist the outcome of the election. “The EC is the arbiter and the EC is the umpire and the EC must not only be neutral, it must seem to be neutral and nonpartisan. Unfortunately, recent events do not give us confidence about this. This is a president who is appointing politically exposed people into positions of trust when they’re supposed to be neutral and nonpartisan.”

In response, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams, Founder and Presiding Archbishop of Action Chapel International who spoke on behalf of the clergy, said the clergy will not sit and allow Ghanaians to become refugees due to elections and political leadership.

He emphasised the need for political leaders to prioritise citizens’ welfare and address longstanding issues facing the nation, stressing that Ghana, after 67 years, should not still be in its current state. “Thank you for calling us, as the stakeholders to hear your vision for the country, we are very concerned as stakeholders of this great country of ours. “We were not raised in camps like any other country has suffered looking at Sierra Leone, Liberia, and other African countries where instability and lack of proper management and leadership scattered their citizens and so many of them have to find refuge in Ghana.

“It is our prayer and desire that as we approach the 2024 election…Also, know that 2024 is the biggest year of election in the history of the world because we have 60 nations that are holding an election this year 2024; almost half of the entire population of the world. “We want to thank you for sharing with us your vision, we have a lot of concerns and we looking for the opportunity where will present certain questions to his excellency and your party to give us some answers because there are a lot of unanswered questions on our mind as stakeholders looking at the state of our country for the past 67 years, we believe that we should be in a better place than we are today.

He highlighted the significant pain and hardship in the country, noting the exodus of doctors and nurses. However, he expressed hope that with transparency and fairness, the situation can be managed to prevent Ghanaians from seeking refuge elsewhere. “May I say this that nobody should think that the Ghanaian is very gentle and doesn’t like trouble.

It’s not true, because I saw what happened in 79 and 81 and there were Ghanaians and some of the violence and murders and unrest in a certain part of this country like what’s going on in Bawku and other places, they are all Ghanaians, and if we don’t manage things well and we have this mentality and thinking that any party can do whatever they want to do and the Ghanaian will accept it, and the Ghanaian will live for it, you might be playing with fire, make no mistake.

“Because when people are desperate and angry, they don’t care about what happens. And angry and desperate people are very dangerous to manage and deal with, and demons come into town and possess people. Maybe you will know because when demons enter a person, it doesn’t care about your tribe or your citizenship.

“So I think that Mr former President and your party should be very much aware of some of these things. I wouldn’t say much but I have a lot of questions I want to personally ask and I believe that all the members of the clergy have a lot of unanswered questions that we want to put to you, and to find and have some answers, so that we know how to educate our congregation going forward.”

By: Mavis Sekyibea Addo

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