Let’s not pretend all is right with our democracy: Charlotte Osei


Charlotte Osei the former chair of the Electoral Commission has expressed worry about what she describes as the seeming politics of exclusion in the country after the 2020 elections.  The people of Santrokofi, Akpafu, Lolobi and Likpe (SALL) were unable to vote in the 2020 parliamentary elections after the creation of the Oti Region, which warranted the creation of a new constituency.

“… I get concerned when I hear a lot of ethnic stuff division coming up. I get concerned that we are living in this country pretending as if everything is right about our governance when there is a certain part of our country that is not represented in parliament,” Osei told Accra-based Joy FM on Wednesday.

“I think that should worry all of us every day. I get concerned when I hear a student being denied admission because of religious belief or hairstyle. I get concerned when I hear that a Muslim child is not being allowed to observe their religious belief,” she added.

The former EC chair called on all stakeholders to be proactive in ensuring everyone gets a part to play in the country’s democracy.

“Those things bother me because it is almost as if we keep pushing people out rather than bringing them in,” Osei noted.

Fred Dzakpata

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