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Kenyan President dissolves his entire cabinet

William Ruto

Kenyan President William Ruto has disbanded his entire cabinet following weeks of protests. Only the Deputy President and Prime Cabinet Secretary remain in their positions. Ruto stated that the decision was made after reflecting on feedback from Kenyans and conducting a comprehensive evaluation of his cabinet. Earlier, Ruto eliminated budgets for the offices of the First Lady and Second Lady and dissolved 47 state agencies in response to three weeks of anti-government protests.

Ruto has also suspended non-essential travel for government workers, the purchase of new cars, and cut advisers by half. The protests, which began on June 18, rocked major cities including Nairobi, Mombasa, and Kisumu, leading to clashes between protesters and security forces. The protests were sparked by the finance bill, which sought to hike taxes but was subsequently withdrawn following public outcry.

“I have listened to the voices of our citizens and am taking decisive action to address their concerns,” President Ruto stated, acknowledging the gravity of the protests and the demands for its scrapping. The president’s measures include a 50% reduction in government advisers and immediate retirement for civil servants upon reaching the age of 60. He also mandated the attorney-general to draft legislation aimed at enhancing transparency in public spending.

Credit: Newscentral.Africa


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