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I don’t condone stealing in the name of God – JDM on Nat’l Cathedral project


Flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), John Mahama has said he does not condone stealing in the name of God. He said this after informing Ghanaians that his next administration would investigate and audit the national cathedral project. Speaking with journalists in Accra on Sunday, July 7 John Mahama said a forensic audit will be his first line of action on the project before his government will even proceed with the project.

He underscored the need for transparency and accountability on the project since the government is using public funds for the project. The forensic audit will entail thorough review of the project’s financial transactions, the procurement procedures, and the utilization of resources.

John Mahama explained that the forensic audit will entail a thorough review of the project’s financial transactions, the procurement procedures, and the utilization of resources in order to find any anomalies or instances of corruption. “At the time this national cathedral came up, it was somebody’s personal commitment to God. And we were assured that public funds were not going to be used for the national cathedral. Unfortunately, we hear that 300 and something million has gone into it.

“Where did those payments go? Were they justified? Who did they go to? These are all things that we have to unravel. And I think that that is the first thing we will do before we even decide what to do with that huge pit.” “So first, let’s investigate and do a forensic audit and if people have, you know, illegally and unlawfully taken the money of the people of Ghana. They must be made to refund that money,” he stated.

By: Laud Nartey

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