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GNAT calls for a prompt investigation into the alleged prohibition of candidates in North Tongu from wearing shoes and belts


The Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) has requested an investigation into an alleged incident in the North Tongu District. Candidates taking the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) were reportedly not allowed to wear belts and shoes in the examination hall. Thomas Yanko Musah, General Secretary of GNAT, expressed concerns that such incidents could have a negative impact on the candidates if the Ghana Education Service (GES) does not take prompt action.

“When we hear things like this don’t let us jump to conclusion, it is like a security man meets you, I don’t think the security man will ask everyone to remove his or her dress.” “So, if out of the thirty, one person is asked to remove his shoes or belt, then there could be some kind of justification for the security man asking that,” he said.

He also cautioned teachers and students against examination malpractices. “We want to tell them that they should be careful with examination and all that because they always write in their own schools, they don’t copy why should you be anxious? So, we are telling them that they should relax, and they will come out successfully,” he advised. “Those invigilating too, you know your job, stay within the rules and get the children to get it done,” Mr Musah urged.

By: Daniel Opoku

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